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Ah Yes, Reapers

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Millions of years ago the aquatic Leviathans, a highly advanced species dominated the Galaxy as the Apex race. With their longevity they watch the same pattern in organic life over and over again. Civilizations are evolving, creating synthetic life and are wiped out by them. As the apex race the Leviathans saw all other civilisations as servant species, but a dead race can not serve. So, the Leviathans created the Catalyst, a AI with the objective to preserve knowledge and life itself. The Catalyst comes to the conclusion that every advanced species must be harvested on their pinnacle of evolution to save the younger species and create space for a new cycle of life. The Catalyst betrayed the Leviathans, and used them for the first harvest. Their knowledge was preserved in the first Reaper, a giant sentient machine formed after the image of the Leviathans. A cycle of destruction began which repeated every 50,000 years and culminated in the creation of a new Reaper for every harvested species.

The Reapers are a highly-advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships. The Reapers reside in dark space: the vast, mostly starless space between galaxies. They hibernate there, dormant for fifty thousand years at a time, before returning to the galaxy.

These giant machines are ancient; their true name is unknown. "Reapers" was a name bestowed by the Protheans, the previous galactic power fifty thousand years before, and the Geth refer to them as the Old Machines. In the end, the Reapers spare little concern for whatever labels other races choose to call them.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Background Nebula is a modified NASA image
Post work in Paint Shop Pro 7 & Adobe After Effects CS4
Reaper models by Bioware
Carrier Reaper provided by nach77
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We cannot be so easily dismissed councilor. ;)

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"Don't fear the Reaper," the Blue Oyster Cult once sang. Well, if I saw something like these heading toward my little blue marble.... Either way, great work! 😎👍

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:nuu: :omg: :shocked: And here I was, listening to End Run from ME2 when I stumbled across this!

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"...We had dismissed that claim."

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Just try and deny THAT, Councilor Sparatus!

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Right on schedule for the Legendary Edition ! Time to smash again those giant bugs.

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Discord Icon 3 Awkward Bill Cipher wink ?

But do these forces of darkness have as much FUN as we do?

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Which came first? The Reapers from Mass Effect or the Shadows from Babylon-5? Seem like similar species with similar motivations. At least, to me.

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The Inhibitors from Revelation Space came first. ;)

OldCartoonGeek's avatar

I haven't even heard of them before, tbh. ;)

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It's a solid Sci fi book. I think the Reapers handled the concept better, but it was interesting that two independent writers were exploring such similar concepts at almost the same time.

OldCartoonGeek's avatar

Actually it's not exactly a unique trope. I think I've read other stories with a similar theme. But yes it isn't too common... yet. But it won't be long before other, lesser talents adopt the idea and run it into the ground just as they did other concepts like orcs, time travel, and invaders from other planets and everyone is doing it.

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Shadows came first.

But i think the motiv for these two races are different. The shadows wanted to promote the development of the young races through conflict. They believe that only the strong are allowed to survive. The Reaper, on the other hand, actually want the exact opposite.They wipe out the most evolved species every 50,000 years to make way for the younger ones.

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Oh. Well, I never played Mass Effect. ^^;

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on that note, who would win in a war between them?

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I would set my money on the Shadows. At least as long as the Reapers fail to indoctrinate the Shadows (or their telephatic pilots).The real strength of the Reapers is that they corrupt the opposing forces and let them fight for them.

I protest! (Sorry, I've wanted to use this in conversation for a long time.) Reapers had spent hundreds of thousands of years harvesting the races of a galaxy, increasing their numbers and assimilating their technology in the process. I have not seen Babylon 5 to my misfortune so I cannot make a fair judgment with the Shadows, but my point is that although one of the main weapons of the reapers is the subterfuge, they still have a wide margin in terms of army and weaponry. for a war on a galactic scale.

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The Shadows are also masters of subterfuge, and the only defenses shown to be able to resist their weaponry is Vorlon-derived shielding. Shadow vessels are also ridiculously maneuverable and their method of FTL makes them impossible to detect before they attack and after they retreat. And while Indoctrination takes a toll on the mental faculties of its victims, the Shadows' pawns are made an offer that they are unlikely to refuse.

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