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A new Generation - Rise of the Federation

During the Earth/Romulan War in 2156 most former Starfleet and UESPA starships were upgraded to stand the increased need of military starships. The Daedalus class, like the S.S. Essex, were upgraded with technology from the Warp 5 NX program, and could be built at roughly three times the rate as NX-class vessels, as well as refitting existing ships to the new standard. With wartime pressures on Starfleet to emphasize numbers over quality, the refitted Daedalus design was put into full production flying side by side with older NX, NV or NU class.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
NX refit, Daedalus and NU class by David Metlesits thefirstfleet 

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ISS Falcon in Orbit by Euderion  UES Eberswalde in the Romulan War by Euderion  The USS Essex by Euderion
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please work for CBS :)

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me gusta mucho este fondo

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Great image, but it also demonstrates the dissonance of hollywood. They could have made the NX fit into the era far better if they had spent even one weekend looking at the body of fan work out there and co-opted one of them into the design loop.

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In first i found the design for the NX class lazy, beause it is just a copycat of the Akira class.
But I got used to it later. But what I really would have liked were some of these old ball shape ships like the Daedalus class. Overall, Enterprise as show was a bit too progressive considering Spock's statement from TOS that in the Romulan War, which should have started in the fifth season of "Enterprise", you still had old nuclear weapons and that you didn't have any view screens.
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Awesome work, again! This could be ported to a Blackbox theme, with your permission and full credits to you, of course...

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I have no idea what Blackbox is, but my works are usually free to use as long you give credits and everything is 100 percent non-commercial.
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LOL Blackbox is an alternative shell for Windows (or a Window Manager for Linux). Replaces the native Windows shell with a revolutionary one, faster and prettier, and creates an exciting desktop (thousands of desktops, in fact). You can take a look here

I always give credit, rest assured. Will your DA link will be fine for the credits, or do you prefer some other one/others as well?

And thanks a million!

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Very nice work as always my friend. The ST: Enterprise show would have been so much better if they had focused on the build up to and the onset of the Earth/Romulan War, the creation of the Coalition of Planets to oppose the Star Empire's expansion and the creation of the Federation in the aftermath of the Battle of Charon that ended the war instead of that stupid temporal cold war malarkey.
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With the great success of the Dominion Storyline Deep Space Nine shows us, that such a plot could work very good. Imagine we got the romulan war in season 5 and it ended in season 7 with the founding of the federation. It would be the perfect transition to TOS.
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nice still love those retro looks.
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Thank you!
Sometimes the retro look is even better as the future designs.
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Looks cool! :)

Is that Earth?
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Probably a colony world who got a few guard ship because of the romulan threat.
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Oh, ok. So, Pandora? Or another?
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