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2nd Fleet

By Euderion
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The Second Fleet of the Systems Alliance under the command of Admiral Kastanie Drescher. The Second Fleet was responsible for the liberation of Shanxi from turian occupation.

In 2157, after discovering the Charon Relay, humans began a rapid expansion thanks to their new-found connection to the mass relay network.
However their actions caught the notice of the turians, who found human explorers reactivating an inactive mass relay known as Relay 314. This was forbidden under the Citadel regulations after the Rachni Wars, but instead of negotiating, the turians opened fire. To the turians, it was merely a police action against an ignorant species violating Council law; to humanity, it was their first encounter with another intelligent race - and it would shape their views of the galaxy for decades to follow.

Eventually the turians follows the human scouts to Shanxi, the closest human colony to the mass relay, and settled in for a protracted orbital siege. With the turians in a superior position, able to kill any human soldiers from above, the Shanxi defenders began to starve, unable to get food or supplies without risking civilian lives.
The turians believed they had defeated the bulk of the enemy forces. But they would be proven wrong when a month later Admiral Kastanie Drescher led the Second Fleet against Shanxi, catching the turians by surprise and evicting them from the planet.

Fortunately, the Citadel Council then intervened to negotiate a peace and bring the war to an end.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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Serves them right.

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Nice, nice, nice.....:clap:

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Your Mass Effect art is always wonderful. Love seeing those Alliance ships.

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Thank you very much!

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nice scene mate :)

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you're art of fleets from Mass Effect is amazing.

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Now that is what i wanted to see!! An full pic of Alliance fleet, Maybe one day Euderion show us 5th fleet as well, MORE we want MORE!!! You could make it incy bit bigger so that i could place it as wallpaper.

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Bigger? A 5k image isnt enough? Or do you mean the format of the image?

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Format, i have 24inch monitor and cant get this pic over entire screen.

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Ah, okay. Maybe you can zoom in or cut away some part from this image to fit in your monitor size.

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Pic if fantastic but to wide, no matter how i try to add it, it end loking bad.

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