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Shards of Fire

UPDATE: Got this fella scanned in and fixed up! You may all now enjoy him the way I do. :D

Once I get a better pic, I'll replace this one. It's crooked and driving me crazy...

Was really glad to get the chance/excuse to break out the watercolors. flygirldavies was very patient with me on this. It was SUPPOSED to be something simple and quick. I... May.. Have gotten carried away. But it was a lot of fun and turned out pretty well. I've got the perfect place for an actual stained glass panel like this. Maybe one day I'll actually have one made. :D


Alternative titles considered: BBQ's Ready, No Dwarves Allowed, Warm Welcomes, Chef's Special, I Wanted It Well-Done, The New Oven Heats A Bit Unevenly. 
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The other titles just didn't do justice, because they were too humorous for something so majestic and honorable.  I love this work of art!