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I tried to jazz this place up by getting a premium account, but deviantart refused my money. None of my cards went through (even though evertything was alright and there was enough cash on both). That's quite annoying and it means that I'll have the standard account for the forseeable future.  And I was looking forward to pimp up this place. Nevermind then.
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I did some spring cleaning (in february :O) in my gallery. Lot's of the stuff was now gallery filler at best, so I stowed most of my stuff that I didn't like so much anymore in my scrapbook. Which is kind of deviantART's answer to the living room rug.

Nothing is deleted, though. They are still a part of me and where I was as an artist when they were made, it's just that I wanted a gallery that didn't look like ground zero. I prefer to have at least some order in my stuff. You can still head over to my scrapbook, or the folder I made to view them.
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Check this one out:…

Just an experimental comic of mine.

It is in english folks!
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Just had to drow the first page. Man, I'm tired of writing.

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I'm done with the first draft of the script for my comic project.

I like it, but need some polishing here and there. All in all, I think it's good (wich is nice, since I'm essencialy only trying to please my self with this).
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  • Reading: Richard Matheson - I Am Legend
  • Watching: The X-Files Season 7
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Just a little update on my untitled project. It's still in preproduction (yeah, I'm a bit slow), but it's shaping up. I've written story for 33 pages (14 pages worth of script) and have lot more left to plot. The comic will not be related in any way towards my older comics (the "Tor and Odin"-series) and will be darker and more fokused on adult readers. Not for the wee laddies and lassies out there in other words.

I'm cuite pleased with what I have been able to cook up so far. The script is still in a very prototypish first draft, so I won't come with any teasers, 'cause nothing is carved in stone yet, so turning tables may occur. Still, I'm pleased so far.

My last drawings (dating back to "Monster", are all concept-art for my project. Will they make the cut? Who knows?

More updates (for those interested) will arrive when the time is right.
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This soggy summer seems to be over. It's hard to tell, because it rains more or less non-stop. Today was first day back at school. Well, not for me. I decided to "relax" for a year and hone my drawing skills in hope of getting into an art school next year.

But hopefully, I'll have my hands full of stuff to do. I have a part-time job to secure som money in the bin and I'll have to make a portfolio. Also, I have a new comic in the works, more ambitious than my previous one. Which incidently have gotten over 11.000 page views on :D. Hopefully this new one, when in it will be released in a not so near future, will give "Et Steinkast Fra Gibraltar" a run for it's money.
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Finally it is done. It has cost me blood, sweat and tears. Luckily it has paid of by being my finest one yet.

Nevertheless, I see room for massive improvements, like the language, drawing techniques, colouring etc.

The colouring has seen massive improvements from my last comic (which is not posted on a public website yet).

This link will take you to comic

PS: The release will be on the 22nd of May. A new page will be added each day from there on. A link will be shown in my profile information as well as the front page of the comic which is submitted in my gallery.

(Sorry, managed to delete the last journal! Shame on you butterfingers! "Slaps them with a ruler and burst out a thundering cry of pain").
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During this week, you (those who have peeked in from time to time) have noticed the little outburst of half-crappy digital-art on my page. Reason for this is that I want to get better at colouring on the computer before I need colour my comic-project. Please feel free to give me some tips to improve my skills. I will forever be grateful.

Your sincerely
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The drawings you see in my gallery. Have you seen them? No? If not please take a peek at them and correct me on aaaall the errors. It must have tons of flaws and inaccuracies. You see, I discovered my full drawing-potential last month. Before December I thought I generally sucked at drawing lifelike pictures. Therefore, my life of amateur drawing has consisted of comic-characters and comic drawing in general.

So this sudden boost of "lifelike" drawings must have a lot of "bugs in the software" that I would like you to point out. I'll try as hard as I can to correct them.

PS: I am still an amateur comic book-drawer at heart and these days I am drawing a 50-pager that should be done by spring (it better be, or my grades are deep shit :P).

Yours sincerely
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