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Another expansion short - 2

By eucalipto
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Alright let's get to the important bits.
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Gorgeous ass-my life should be put inside this Goddess! She will look even sexier!

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will her navel expand as well
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Literally my life, except I don't diet I just work out . And I also don't look that good
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maybe a tip that you make links to the other pieces of art so its easier to follow if its a story , cause many people do it and its really usefull :D
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True. I thought that, since there's only 5 pages and there's nothing between them in my gallery, people would just look at the gallery for themselves.
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I am so sick of seeing butts all the time every time I get on DA. Nothing against the artist
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Hi there. Since you apparently stumbled upon this unwillingly, could you please tell me how did you end up discovering this submission?

I'm not trying to be an ironic smart-ass or anything like that. You are entitled to display your disaproval and your preferences in any of my submissions. I'm asking only because this specific deviation has over double the views of the other pages I have drawn and I have no idea why. Maybe if you tell me how you ended up here I can understand where the trafic is coming for this particular page.
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Wow, a civil person! Congrats :clap:
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I saw it on the DA home page under what's hot.
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at least DA's being accurate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
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no it's not
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You know what to do with dat big fat butt
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That expanded my dong.
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как зайдешь на девиантарт, кругом одни жопы
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DAT ass doe!!! 😍😍😍😘
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i would like it if you continued the story with the charater not just having her butt grow bigger but her entier body swell
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Dude, did you even check my gallery?
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