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KOTOR II - Expert Slicer
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Published: January 27, 2014
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So here is the first fan comic I've ever done, let alone for KOTOR. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I find a computer terminal, I have a tendency to equip my character with all the skill buffing equipment in my inventory. 

I did this page a few weeks ago, but decided to only recently go over it again in SAI. Hope you like it.

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This still makes me chuckle, also accurate cause some of us don't like looking at hideous outfits
vitorkennedy8's avatar
that is cheating but smart. this should be on tv not that crap of rebels thank god that trash is over, worse than teen titans go.
Cubecreater999's avatar
Cubecreater999Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HAahahahahahahhahhahhahahahah, this was my favorite game for years, and it warms my heart to see this comic.La la la la 
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colaphanHobbyist Writer
Fashion vs. Efficiency 

The eternal struggle of all RPGs 
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Vissas: even I know that your outfit clashes.

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tomhiddiestonHobbyist General Artist
I laughed at this for like 10 mins! Totally right though, I too always wear those stuff! Amazing!
MasterFunkDoctor's avatar
This is awesome! Only if the gloves and belts were visible in the game...
dief25's avatar
God, I love that game.
Mangetsu20's avatar
Mangetsu20Hobbyist Writer
LOL We forget how often those items look silly beyond the buffs they give to your stats XD
Kuro-Tsuki-san's avatar
Which is part of the reason that many of my characters are squishier than they should be. I don't like them looking stupid so they don't have the strongest items. Your dignity or your health, which is it. 
Mangetsu20's avatar
Mangetsu20Hobbyist Writer
You make an excellent point -w-
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The-Delta-42Hobbyist General Artist
The belt most likely holds tools, the goggles probably protect the eyes and enhance the data streams and the glove are likely protection against power surges... but shit he looks ridiculous!!! I nearly pissed myself laughing.
Lord0Slayer's avatar
lol, well done. I do the same thing. >_<
xechon's avatar
xechonHobbyist Digital Artist
It's true, it's so true!
ToFuBomb's avatar
oh my god this is hilarious :rofl: totally do the same
SeaMountain's avatar
SeaMountainHobbyist Digital Artist
Pure Pazaak
flyaccountant's avatar
its was a funny game.
dief25's avatar
Yup, me too. Damn, your comics are giving me a strong urge to play this again.
raynetempura's avatar
Yeeeep! Nailed it, haha. The basic gear was always great looking. It was the gear you got after that was just ridiculous. :P
ironbriggz's avatar
Lol youre not alone EtyrnalOne XD
DeltaCortis's avatar
Oh god don't remind me of that xD Great comic.
berriosd1's avatar
Yep, I think some armors help to, ooh the memories.
FreezeRaySH's avatar
Shut up Visas, you're only talking that way because you're clothes don't change no matter what I equip.

Great comic.
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