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My Bio
Eccentric artist incarnate. I also tell stories and make some doodles to go along with them. My artwork over the years has been featured in magazines such as Weird Tales and Dark Beauty, and I'm also very proud to say my work was featured in the books Gothic Art Now and Vampire Art Now. All of this came about because I have quite a few strange creatures lurking in my brain meats and sometimes they demand to get out of there so by word or image I try very hard to accommodate them. It works out good for both of us. My complete portfolio, samples of new work and my full list of credentials can be found through my main site link below.

Favourite Visual Artist
Gerald Brom, Joachim Luetke, Myke Amend, H.R. Giger, Dave McKean, James B Hunt, tons upon tons more.
Favourite Movies
Watership Down, 1984, the Hannibal movies, every arty flick ever made, most comic book movies (even the bad ones), Cabin in the Woods, and too many others to name.
Favourite TV Shows
Firefly, Grimm, Game of Thrones, NCIS, The Walking Dead, Hannibal, Duck Dynasty (yes, oh yes), and many more.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rasputina, Ego Likeness, Rammstein, Frenchy and the Punk, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing, a billion others.
Favourite Books
Wuthering Heights, 1984, House of Leaves, Watership Down, Imajica (and nearly everything Barker has ever written), Wicked, and so on.
Favourite Writers
Barker, Orwell, Lovecraft, and countless classic fiction books
Favourite Games
Dark Tower (the board game with the computerized tower in the middle - it's been quite awhile since I actually played any games)
Favourite Gaming Platform
See Dark Tower answer
Tools of the Trade
Pen and ink, watercolors, hand me down Photoshop circa 1994, and evil stares to make materials comply to my wishes.
Other Interests
Squirrel taunting, convention going, graphic novel making, vine pulling (more of a current hobby as the vines in the backyard have uttered a battle cry towards the house), unintentially stalking Norman Reedus online, you know, the usual stuff.
Some new stuffs... Bajema's Web: ret·ro·spec·tive 1998-2012 The first coffee table style art book of my work has been published -I'm terribly giddy about it! It includes all of my Bete Noire, Sepia Stains, and artwork that spans the last fourteen years of my professional life. Two of my favorite artists were kind enough to include something in the book for me - Joachim Luetke wrote the foreword (in the style of a dreaming Luetke being led through my art-space by a somewhat grumpy squirrel! If you know me you'll get why that's awesome,) and Gerald Brom gave me an incredible quote for the back. My little artist fangirl heart nearly exploded
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I haven't signed into DeviantArt in roughly six months I believe. I had a very unwelcomed two step with pneumonia for most of the winter and start of spring. I'm still coughing up tumbleweeds but no longer fear complete impending doom. So I am behind on a great many things. Given my lack of toodling around on DA I'm sure notice was not had by many at all. So as I catch up I leave you with some done things... The Bete Noire Collection for all your spooky collage and dark story needs. My complete tarot deck that has a few Victorian and Steampunk overtones, but mostly just pretty girls
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My directions... // Bajema's Art Blog // Etta Diem's Attic Shop // The Miskatonic Archive // Myke Amend (my better half)
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aaawesomest!!! and absolute professional.
Hey, you've got some cool stuff. I like the theme and feel you've got going..keep it up, and I'm going to watch you.