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Erin's Phoexix by Etta-moon Erin's Phoexix :iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 0 0
Of Pavlova, Croquembouche, and bonds
Gwen stood at the kitchen counter quietly, sighing as she made herself and her sister breakfast. It was her birthday but her parents were both away at something. Gracie, being the ever observant one, sat at the table holding a lamb stuffie watching her sister.
"Happy birthday! You're getting old" She chimed,causing the blue hair to laugh.
"Yeah but I still make awesome eggs you know. Now sit down and eat." It was pretty quiet at the table, forks hitting plates.
"How soon until you have to go to campus Gwen?" she sighed lightly.
"Two weeks from now Grace. Hey, don't look so sad! It's not like I'm dying or disappearing or something," Gwen softly spoke, a slight frown etched on her face.
"But I won't get to see you as much! You're my sister! Mine and no one else's!" Gwen stat there in shock at the tone her sister used. It was angry, sad. It was so full of hurt.
"Gracie, Wallaby, it's alright. You'll see me on holidays, it's summer up where I'm going in Europe and I heard cousin Zale is co
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 1 0
The goats that came to dinner
It was once again Switzerland's birthday and Liechtenstein was confused as to what to do. She sat thinking, calls from every other nation coming in and directed to her semi-grumpy brother. She walked outside to feed her brother's precious goats. They liked her, slightly, as she would feed them and play with them.
"Any ideas as to what I could do for my bruder's birthday?" They just sat there bleating as she suddenly got an idea. Quickly and quietly, she rushed the three animals into the shed.
Switzerland sat at the head of the table as various people sat around him. Liechtenstein had manage to make a wonderful dinner with the help from Hungary and Belgium.He hadn't seen her all day but figured she would be about.
"Happy birthday brother!" He looked to the door to find his sister with his three goats, all dolled up and smiling widely. One of them had a bow around it's neck.
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 1 0
In the mind's room
She walked around the old car factory slowly, sighing softly to herself.  There were cars all over. The well kept and smooth rtunning cars were such wonderful memories to her. Memories with her best friend, with the people she loved dearly. The black oil that poured from various randown cars sickened her, knowing that she could never fix those. They would always plauge her, those memories meant so little to her, so dark. She quickly grabbed a wrench and walked over to a car, not knowing what it truely was until she opened the hood.
"Birch..." The engine was covered in various leaves of silver, wood embedded into the metal. She stepped away from it, shaking her head. To fix it would be to change him, destroy that which she loved most about him. She stepped away from it and closed the hood softly, leaning on it. Why did her heart hurt so much just seeing this car?
For the sake of Dair, she was Saille of the Celtic court! She shouldn't feel this pain!
But she did and it h
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 1 14
Oh to Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein, country and character,
july 12th is for you
America and others seem to be remembered more but you are as important as them
Austrian territory you may have been once but indepenat you are now
oh to Liechtenstein, nation of beauty and culture
Small you may be but forever have you seemed to take neutrality
may you prosper dear country Liechtenstein of the Rhine
And may the fans of Hetalia see you as you truely are
and let's hope Iceland remembered the flowers
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 2 0
Pabbi's day x2
          All five of them stood outside the door to their parents' bedroom, each holding something different. This had to go perfectly. Gabrielle stood there, looking over everything.
          "alright, we're all set. remember, this has to be extra special. It's both Pabbi's birthday AND father's day. So no arguing with him today" she stated as four pairs of eyes landed on the eldest male.
            "Why are all looking at me?!" Frida quietly opened the door to see their mother up and walking around but their father was still passed out on the bed. Liechtenstein glanced over and smiled, waving as she pulled out a bag from the closet.
         "It's all clear..." All five kids stalked into the room, Liechtenstein picking up the youngest, as they all surrounded the sleeping Iceland.
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 2 0
LC Goodnight
Even though they were all apart, different countries, different time zones, all three still did the same basic thing. It was their duty's as elder sisters.
"Goodnight, sleep tight" Gabrielle smiled to her younger sisters, gathering up their stuffed animals and placing them on the bed next to them.
"No more tears" Gwendolyn whispered to her younger sister Grace, placing the girl's stuffed sheep into her arms and kissing her forehead.
"In the morning I'll be here" Luminita smiled brightly to her brother Alin as she tucked him in, up to his chin snuggly.
"And when we say goodnight," Gabby continued, her hand on the light.
"Dry your eyes" Gwen stood slowly, gently using her shirt to wipe the tears that lingered on her younger sister's cheeks.
"Because we said goodnight," Nita smiled still, her brother's hand in her's.
"And not goodbye" All three muttered, various memories flooding in before their smiles retrned, tender and true.
"We said goodnight" Gwen walked to the door, facing her siste
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 0 204
In the eye of the beholder
"It appears you check out Miss Irwin-Hunt. Please remind her to be more careful next time." The blue haired girl nodded, her usual braid missing as she stood up and walked out of the room following the doctor. They came to a room that held only one clip board in the patient slot.
"Let's're coming for a miss...Jones? You claim to be her closet kin? It reads she has siblings." The girl smiled softly.
"Her closet kin as in the one in the area to pick her up. Everyone left town for a few days. Her brother's big fashion show." That was an utter lie except that her elder male cousin did have a fashion show coming up.
"Right...when she is ready,you both can just leave." He left as the girl walked into the room to find a blonde on the bed, sitting up as she stared at her lap.
"So she took your eye Katarzyna?" The blonde looked over quickly before grinning.
" she own fault." She turned to the wall as Gwendoyln began gathering her things. She looked in disgust a
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 3 0
ye of two leggedness
Oh ye of two legs, bow down, bow down
for the cats have taken over that where you tread
for they clearly have clever minds
for who needs thumbs and less hair
bow down, bow down, ye of two legs
for now the cats have come to play
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 0 0
Mature content
LC eighteen :iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 1 8
Mature content
Zale Vs Chat bot... :iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 1 18
Celts Chap 4
It was raining in the forest. The three of them were running for a cave, laughing as they finally got out of the cold. Alder wrapped his arm around a shivering Reed as Birch made a small pile of wet wood before spreading it out to dry.
"It's okay....we just have to wait til the rain stops then we will be home." The young man rested his chin on the now blacken hair of his best friend as she clung to him for warmth. Reed coughed as Alder and Birch both peered at her with conern. THe girl had a cold before but now there was the chance of her getting something much worst.
"Shrug the wet clothing off Reed." The girl sat up as she began to slowly began to strip the wet cloth that clung to her skin as Alder quickly stripped his. He finished and helped her before wrapping his arms around her, holding her tightly.
"H-huh...A-ald...."He shook his head as she shivered.
"This is the best way to get you some heat..." She didnt fight, resting her head on his shoulder. He smiled as he stoked her hair
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 1 4
Death's hand
even as Svein lied there, he knew this was  the end. He was dying and he wouldn't be seeing his family again. He lifted his head enough to see a figure in black walking towards him with bare feet,black cloak and dress flowing around their legs but not moved by the wind that he felt blowing. The figure had long brown hair and a mask that hide even their eyes.
"it's time for you to go now." The voice was that of a girl's, not what he expected. He had always expected Death to be a man, even if he did not look like that grim reaper that he knew other countries thought Death looked like. She held out her hand to him and he took it. She pulled him to his feet as she turned and began to walk.He glanced behind him to see his body, pale and bloody before following her across the field.
"Where will I be going?" The girl turned to him and sighed.
"The death realm, where all the dead goes once their time has expired. It's a nice place if you ask me." Their feets made no prints as she lea
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 0 16
Celts Chap three
Reed....god that name. It was that name that made his blood stop flowing, his breath catch, a shock to his system. Reed O'Cosaint. Younger sister to his King. The Princess, the spirit in charge of death. Emotionless, secretive, young Reed.
He couldn't stop thinking about her, that brown haired girl.  She was smart, but she was unstable. She was forgiven to others....but not herself. Reed...Princess...Ree....his best friend. Ald sat in his last class of the day staring out the window, the sun shining brightly. He smiled to himself as he remembered her smile, something that was rarer as the days passed. She laughed but it sounded so hollow. Mosst people, out of all six of the girls, wouldn't give Ree a second glance. She was just too shy. But yet....
Yet he loved her with every thing he had. It frustrated him that she didn't reconized that he loved her more than just a friend but he would wait.  She was just Reed. Shy, socially akward, a bit niave, Reed. He hadbeen wi
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 2 4
Celts He never cared about you
Reed looked over the titles of the books, courious as to what this library held for her. This was Thorn's library. The books at her fingertips now were numerous and grand. She felt a bit guilty though. She left her brother...and her best friend, both without a warning. She grabbed a book before sighing, glancing up to a painting of Thorn.
"I find that particular painting a very interesting take on me." Ree turned to see Thorn gazing over her to the painting she was just glancing at. He glanced down at her and smiled, giving a shrug.
" gave me a scare!" Ree placed a hand over her heart, pleading for it to stop beating so loudly. He smiled at her.
"I appologize then Reed. I didn't mean to scare you." She sits down, opening the book.
"it is fine....I am thinking of returning home soon..." Thorn's eyes flashed as she hurried over, grabbing her wrists tightly.
"You cannot!" Reed blinked, fear gripping her on the inside as thorn blinked and cleared his throat.
" just p
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 1 8
Celts chap two
The class bored Ree. It wasn't that she wasn't able to follow along with it. Heaven knew if you asked any of her friends, they would all say that she didn't need this class. She understood all of this, she did read after all.
"That is not what the author meant with the use of Blue eyes..." Everyone in the class stopped, staring at her as cleared her throat.
"Excuse me?" Reed swallowed as she pushed her chair out from her desk.
"The author did not mean the blue eyes as a symbol for purity. She meant it as a form of insanity. If you notice,  very deep in the text, there are hints that the blue eye carriers are all partially insane or have problems. The Frost Queen, the one who holds the diadem, has anger issues, low self confidence and has fears of failure." She paced the room, the book in hand.
"Another example would be Sari, the noble from the Islands. She has emotional issues and is too stuck in her own little world. Not saying anyone who doesn't have blue eyes is normal. Th
:iconetta-moon:Etta-moon 2 2

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