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:iconetrenelle:Etrenelle posted a status
Hey there amazing chickadoos~ okay that was weird and I am never doign that again...
But~!!! that is not what I want to tell you~!

I will be taking a break from doing drawing for a while or at least posting it~ I think someone have you noticed that I have only been posting one drawing a day recently but I have uni starting and I have heaps of auditions and stuff that I am freaking out about and *breathes in and out* sorry needed to breathe. But I am just super busy right now and I have so much on my mind that I am just forcing myself to make sure I am come on and say hello to everyone atleast!!!

I will do a daily Journal from now on updating you guys about everything that is going on in my life and all that fun stuff like that~ Cause posting this all on a status is no good but for now I am sorry you will just have to read it like this XD

But yeah my lovelies~ I am sorry~!!! I will try and keep up the one artwork a day thing I have going on but yeah I am sorry~!!!

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