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These are both groups that I am helping to run~ One of them is one that I own~ So if you all could have a look that would be amazing~!!!!

Okay the first one is a RP group which I am helping out in~

It is based on the well known classic "Alice in Wonderland"

Specifically about Four Alices and the people around them who travel into Wonderland as night falls and about their day to day activities during the day time~

The link below is for the DA Group~

And this link is the forum link~

And yes the applications are open~! The day will be changing though very soon so if you will like to join be quick~!!
The interviews only take around 15 - 20 mins so if you want to join please do so~!!


The next group is one that you all would be aware of me making~ Well that is if you read the stuff that I type normally~ ^^:; But this group is for my closed Species. Dream Sears(c) and I will probably change them name soon~

But here is the link to the group~

Please go ahead and join if you are interested~!!!
I am still selling my first batch of Wingless Sears so please adopt one if you like the species~
They are 5 points only for now but as soon as i start drawing them the price will jump by 10-15 points so they might end up being 20 points in the end so jump on the chance while they are still there for that price~!!

Wingless Sear Adoptables: Batch #1 CLOSED!!! by Etrenelle
The only one taken for the moment is the Earth Wingless Sear the rest are still available~!

I do ask though when you adopt them that the style is not changed and you do not add wings or anything to them~!!! Their clothes and such have ben chosen because of their status and such so if you change them that is disrespecting me as the owner!!!

It is possible to give them wings but only if I say so~ If you are curious in the ways that you can get your Sear to raise in ranks just ask me~
I may or may not give you the secret~ ^^

Anywho that's all from me for now~ I will be back later~!!! See you~~~~~!!!!!
ZayZael Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
That moment when you play with the pixie maker and makes a really awesome female
Etrenelle Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Student General Artist
Haha~ Yaaaaasssshhhh~
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May 27, 2015