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All of you are soooo amazing please I want you to understand how much all mean to me and all the kind words so many of you have said through comments, notes and just simple actions like going through my gallery and faving a couple of odd artworks. You guys have no idea how much that means to me and it makes me feel sooo much more positive about all of my artworks. 

Because I was unable to give you all a 200 watcher raffle because of the stupid rule that has now since been lifted I will be making a different kind of raffle for all of you to join once I gain 250 watchers~ (not too far~!!! >////< omg!!!)

I will make some surprise closed species adopts and also some other art giveaways then~ 

i also want to thank those of you who were kind of enough to give me points - both anonymous and not. Every point donation helps me get closer to my goal and everything <33333 It means sooo much to me what you guys are doing for me and I seriously want to thank you all for everything that you are doing for me <3333

so thank you.
to the watchers who comment or fav at all my works.
to the watchers who take a peak at my work every once in a while

and especially thank you for just watching me. without that support I would start to question wether i am doing the right thing or not <333


also don't forget the DTA!

CLOSED!!! :: Night Dear DTA - Trick or Treat by Etrenelle

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Submitted on
October 6, 2015


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