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Adolphiana Essence - New OC by Etrenelle Adolphiana Essence - New OC by Etrenelle
I am thinking of making an adoptable series with headshots like this..... What does everyone think of this? I am thinking around 10-20 points depending on the time I put into the art....

I am going to keep this cutie for myself, I really like her >////<

Okay I know she looks like she has no clothes but think of her sort of like an anthro of some sort? I dunno I was too tired and I couldn't be bothered to draw clothes =/////="

I am not sure what I will do with her at this date but I will probably use her mainly for testing of new art styles~ >////<

But yeah I am thinking of making adopts like this? What do people think about that? I would love to hear from you all and hear what you all think about this~! Please comment below with suggestions and ideas >//////////<

Anywho about this baby~

I am going to call her Adolphiana~ I do love that name~ *giggles* 
I already said I don't know what I am going to do with her so that's really all the info I can give to you at this date~
Anywho I do hope you guys like her~

And please tell me what you think of the adoptable series~!

Art by EternalMusic88
Character owned by EternalMusic88
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July 13, 2015
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