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Dual Swords

i haven't posted for quite a while...
here's a female character wielding two swords
for a personal project. :)
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There better be a bullet/arrow proof vest under that thin cloth shirt of hers. -.-
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yeah, I wonder why her organs are not protected at all but her legs and arms are XD
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This kicks ass! =D
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Gorgeous paint work on this great character design.
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I like the detail on the saber's handle. The curvature of the blade somewhat resembles that of a katana though and the center ridge does not end properly at the point, which is typical of most sabers and blades, but other than that the armor is very detailed, her attire is provocative yet daring, and her face is extremely detailed and alluring.
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I love her look of, "I dare you." :D

Also reminds me a lot of my blonde character. She's normally a rogue-ish type though (go figure).
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it seems I have much to learn, Looks amazing
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The details are really amazing :D

How long did it take you to paint?
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This is fantastic, I Love everything about this character. Amazing Job, even the simple background helps draw the sensual strength of this character out.
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Beautiful!! The women you've drawn are so stunningly beautiful, I've added you to my Watch list! :heart:
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I love it! Fantastic job!!!! :clap:
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i wouldnt mind clashing blades with her. sadly only form of combat i know is bo( a staff in terms for people who dont know) man i am so tempted now. i could imagine the sparring lessons and everything it would be fun :)
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This is awesome! I love the pose, and the shading and lighting are fantastic!
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You're paintings are so amazing! Do you ever hope to be a concept artist for games? =D
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I would love to! that's my goal for now :)
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thats a good idea i can so imagine her in a final fantasy game right freakin fighting sarah and light. or in Soulcalibur fighting Cervantes. Or being like tomb raider solo but having her own little quest you know. point is this is really good
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thank you all so much for your kind comments :D !! I really appreciate it
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i am legit serious though. i would love the day when any of my friends actually wanna have fun and fight me with bojitsu or any form of weaponry this photo brings passion to my fighting style and makes me curious and how anyone could perform such tech
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you're such a wonderful artist!!
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