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The Teahouse

* v * . . . finally posting some of my work from the studio. I realize that it's been about a year past since I painted this.

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This place reminds me of somewhere ....
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Very nice, I'm just wondering when Jade and Pey'j from BG&E will be walking in ;)
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Woah, very charming!! I'm starting to paint my backgrounds myself, so I'm going to learn what I can from your image to do so. Amazing art!
stockstouse's avatar
Tea house from which culture?
PrisonerOnEarth's avatar
Wow, that's awesome! I want to live there!
And I want to be as talented as you!
dennyfischer's avatar
Ilumination, colors, texture, everything is perfect!
Osha-Briefs's avatar
This is so great. I love the perspective and the whimsical feel to the place!
Graceml11's avatar
Is that Building the tea house? This is a very nice drawing.
Kazeninotte's avatar
Can I be invited there? *__*
Its really beautiful.
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diskoshine's avatar
I want to BE there.
it looks so calming!
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this. is. amazing. Wish I had this kind of skill :)
cereal-in-a-bowl's avatar
I would love to live in a village like this!
Vallum-the-FA's avatar
This... Was exactly what I needed to see! I can now imagine a part of my world that I'm creating... Thank you so much!
tuvatuv's avatar
That's great.
I want to live there ^^
awgie's avatar
i love the 'painterli-ness' of this (i realize that's what you were going for, just work with me here :P)

was this done solely in photoshop, or sketchbook as well?

great stuff
MarioGraciotti's avatar
perfect in every way
the lighting is probably the best part
Zae369's avatar
Such gorgeous colours! I like the little flecks of sunlight.
JoeCostantini's avatar
Wow! This is really nice!
MyartMystyle's avatar
Breathtaking. =D I just love the detail. :clap:
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