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TUTORIAL: Digital Paint in PS

Whew! FINALLY. I've been busy, but mostly. . .I can just be a lazy arse sometimes. This being the case. I've been telling people I'll make a digital coloring tut for well about a year now. XD Well. . . it's here! Yay!

I didn't go into every finite detail of my painting technique simply because that would have been tedium just to read, let alone follow (not to mention the time it would have taken to put it together). What I've included in this tuturial are a number of simple steps and a few tips that will get you well on the way to coloring your sketches and lineart digitally in photoshop. Many of these techniques will apply similarly in programs like OC and Painter.

While some of this might be old news to the more veteran of digital painters, I really hope this can be helpful to those who are just starting out or are struggling with painting on the computer. Give it a try, and have fun!

Much :heart:, Kelli.

**Edit** Why won't DA let us have preview images anymore? It's so tacky! I had this great preview all ready and everything. . .
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I messed up so much, I'm having so much trouble understanding this Waaaah! 
evilkunoichi's avatar
awesomeee!! im already, tryin this thx so mux ! OwO u rock
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cool. it is great tutorial.  I love it. you did great art work

I used  Mybrushes drawing software   which can record and playback my drawings but I could not draw art so nice as you.:) (Smile)
I know you did this tutorial years ago, but thanks. I'm just discovering digital art. By the way, I love your art.
I lov u.........TY!!!! T0T
scorch289's avatar
elements 8 does not have a channels function i have to spend 12$ to get it... on some backwater website x.x that I dont trust putting my card information on ~ =\ meh... i have SAI but... it doesnt have this function D: just the fact i can erase over a layer :>
C62ry's avatar
you can make your layer transparent in SAI easier: open the lineart file and go to layer(alt+L)>luminance to transparency(O) 
it should work :)
Ireneaa's avatar
I have been a lot of time looking for a tutorial like these
AffinityShy's avatar
Thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial. I'm having a tough time getting colors just the way I want them, but this should help quite a bit. Thanks again!
Candycrystalxxx's avatar
thanks so much! :D some really good tips here
Joe-Garcia's avatar
Thanks! its a really good tutorial >< it help me a lot with my scanned sketch =D

BMLulu's avatar
Ah, much love for this! I'm starting to get the hang of digital coloring, but accents (i.e. blush) and shading still evade me. This will certainly help!
eduxs's avatar
WOW!!!!! Amazing :D!!! Thanks
JoannaMoory's avatar
I'm currently practising digital colouring and I find your tutorial most helpful. :aww: Thank you! :heart:
Ivyel's avatar
.. that won't burn your retinas.. ahaha :aww: awesome tutorial anyway.. I saw it some years ago and still return there sometimes :D
MarleyMoonflight's avatar
:wave: Hello there,
I just stopped by to look at some tutorials through Deviantart and learn some more about digital art,
because I'm kinda new to it and would love to learn to draw and color digitally. So, I would like to thank
you for sharing this great and amazing tutorial. It really helped me out! ^^ Whihuu! Thank you very much!

Also your art is really beautiful! My compliments! Keep up the great work! ^^
SDMcCarty's avatar
This is one of the best tutorials I've read! Thank you so much for making it :)
Beautifulthuergist's avatar
I would love to see a tutorial on how you draw your people :3
Luis0004's avatar
Thank you very much for this! It helped a lot!. But, wouldn't it be better by using "select range" on the sketch lines and then "Edit>Fill>Black" to turn them black instead of the "Alpha channel" process? just a question. Thank you very much : )
BattyeChan's avatar
this tutorial is very good and makes colouring so much easier! thankyou : D
OnixMay's avatar
this helped me so MUCH!!
firethrone's avatar
I did my first digital painting finally, and this tutorial was extremely helpful with my lineart. I kept coming back to reread it. TY :)
FireLilyAS's avatar
Thank you SOOOOO much for this! I've been struggling with this for ages! Thank you!
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