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We're getting winter rain outside right now, so why not something summery?

And shouldn't I be working on my 3d homework? Pssh, yeah right. :rofl:

pencil sketch + photoshop
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this is truly lovely! great work!
Batuxa's avatar
AWW!!! So adorable!
JGood8's avatar
Oh hold on, my computer for some reason didnt show the comments. Ether way, the comment is still genuine.
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You know, for an image that has over 3000 hits, i cant belive it hasnt had the honor of at least one comment. So do not faint when you read this.

This is a awsome pick. If im thinking right you colored this in photo shop? I am stunned. Both at the creativity, and that this hasnt gotten a comment as of yet.

Waiter, 5 stars right here please. Thank you.
Lanatopol's avatar
sweet and beautiful!! i love it :hug:
i love the warm feeling it gives
GoblinQueeen's avatar
Too fabulous, great gesture in the pose and love the lighting :)
InShiningArmor's avatar
happy valentine's day!
EpicMyst's avatar
SHe's got great form!!!! XD *rolling around in self-misery*

eehhee, I like the guy in the back, too. *laughs* ^^
Spinosaur123's avatar
omg this is cool !
Joomba's avatar
Very beautiful in its innocence.
Ryusan's avatar
That's SO cute!!!

The lil guy reminds me of the other lil guy in Zzanga: [link]

So sweet >w<
Etoli's avatar
XD He does!! That was a really cute video.
NGxxxTolo's avatar
schmoedraws's avatar
aww i love the little demon person in the back!
BoomerangBlue's avatar
OO! you gave her a shirt this time!(most of your female centars are running bear chested!)
You like greek mythology do ya?
Etoli's avatar
I do, I do. I need to read my old mythology book again and get some more inspiration. . .
BoomerangBlue's avatar
I love that time era! In school we had to write our own greek mythology...
i'm so ashamed!
Obeah's avatar
yes, you can buy me anytime with freckles...I'm cheap
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
How cute, a biped courting a quadraped :)
Etoli's avatar
Don't ask me how that would ever work. . .
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
:) Still cute though! I hope you'll continue it!
RomaniZ's avatar
A centaur aaw I already love it <3
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