Icon Commission Prices - Paypal Only - CLOSED!

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Status = OPEN!
All € payments are done through Paypal.
For more examples, check out my Gallery.



Human Icons
  • Single character: 2.50 / 300 :points:
  • Two characters: 4.00 / 450 :points:
  • This includes a simple animation. Examples:
  • etNoir - Icon by etNoir Amaterasu and Shisui - Commission by etNoir Musical Mage - Commission by etNoir

Other User Icons:
  • Starting from 2.00 / 250 :points: up to 4.00 / 450 :points:
  • Examples:
  • Mouse on the Moon - Commission by etNoir VTDL Baseball Icon - Commiss. by etNoir Beluga Whale - Commission by etNoir

Group Icons:
  • 3.50 / 400 :points:
  • Examples:
  • Literature Kingdom - Commiss. by etNoir Commission-Time - Commission by etNoir HomeStuck - Commission by etNoir

Journal Dividers
  • 3.50 / 400 :points: per divider, get a discount if you order a complete set!
  • Maximum size: 150x100px
  • :bulletblack: I also make matching bullets!
  • Examples:
  • Cakes and Candles - Commission by etNoir Gears of War Divider - Commission by etNoir

Want to commission?

If you want me to make you an icon / divider, please sent me a note with a description of what you would like. I'll note you back telling you if I will accept your commission and if so, how much I will ask for it.  Please specify if you want to pay through Paypal or with points. If you agree to the price set, please transfer the money/point and I will start working on your avatar.

I give myself the full right to decline your commission at any point up until I receive your payment.


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Hello! I just wanted to double check if these are indeed closed? The journal says closed but status says open. :3