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Le Paradigme du Temps

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This is my latest composition purely mathematically constructed. I made a video based on this artwork too available here: [link]
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wow I can't believe it's made with fractals, looks amzing!
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I've always admired your penchant for producing abstract-style scenes, and this is no exception. I love the video too!
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I am instantly inspired... and inspiration is Good :D
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Still can't believe it's not fractal.
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wow beautiful, fractal art that actually looks like art and not fried braincells. I want to sit on your cock
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It am often amazed by the fact that fractal artists are able to generate art based entirely from mathematics, but this piece ... this is absolutely outstanding. This seriously looks as though it is an oil on canvas painted hundreds of years ago!
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lovely fractal!!!! a well deserved DD!!
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wow this is beautiful
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It's like a Turner painting!
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There is a small error in the showcase link, here is the valid one: [link]
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Wow, I never got so much visibility on deviantART yet! 1000 pages view in a day and like +500 favs!!! First, let me thank trystianity and sophquest for the daily deviation award!

It is true now that I have to spend a long while on every piece but I love to detail and compose rich world! When people see many different things in my art I know my goal is achieved. The complex plane is my canvas and the mathematics are my paint. :)

Also, there is an HD version of the video that will be presented at a conference I prepared for my university about technological art. For those interested, there will be a limited edition of the 30 megapixels version of the artwork (21 x 13 inches). My website is not yet translated but just email me if interested.

For the ones who asked which software I'm using: Ultra Fractal 5. This is my favorite platform for art creation, we can share formulae and edit them easily. With imagination, you can remove every barrier in front of the things we think math can't do! See my Ultra Fractal showcase on the official site here: [link]

Thanks again!!!
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i usually hate math, but making art into math?
That's pretty cool.
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what an amazing landscape! it conveys the same lightness of feelings a watercolor painting would.
i m in awe at how someting like that can be created mathematically.
:thumbsup: on the DD, well deserved!!
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Wow, I should definitely watch the video! This looks brilliant!
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Did you create that movie in After Effects? You need to do more of these.
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