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Ethnis: Singer's War (Sample)
Conservation District :: San Francisco :: New America
The city was in turmoil and the weather was in on it. Clashing provocations came thundering down on ears already buzzing with self-righteousness. Claws dug into flesh, bludgeons broke bones; the city was neatly fractured into the supporters and abhorrers of Aempian policy. More often than not this pitted humans against non-humans.
Nicodemus Jadey was physically removed from the rain and the chaos, but his mind refused to believe as much. He shivered despite the flames dancing in the hearth, and he drummed the top of a side-table so intensely that his bared claws threatened to scratch the glass. His seat groaned in protest as he writhed and agonized over the ineptitude of mediacasters who couldn’t make heads or tails of what they should be focusing on.
Traci only murmured when she was plotting. Nick retracted his claws, crossed his arms, and began to bounce his knee instead. Between him and his younge
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Nicodemus Jadey - Musician's Murderer by EthnisArt Nicodemus Jadey - Musician's Murderer :iconethnisart:EthnisArt 0 0 Kona Helmshigh - Knight of the Pillar by EthnisArt Kona Helmshigh - Knight of the Pillar :iconethnisart:EthnisArt 0 2 Parisan Honor Guard - Process/Tutorial by EthnisArt Parisan Honor Guard - Process/Tutorial :iconethnisart:EthnisArt 0 0 Nazsh - Arena Champion by EthnisArt Nazsh - Arena Champion :iconethnisart:EthnisArt 0 0 Crescendo: Nature's Vengeant by EthnisArt Crescendo: Nature's Vengeant :iconethnisart:EthnisArt 1 2 Monishan by EthnisArt Monishan :iconethnisart:EthnisArt 2 3 Hiserabi Tribal by EthnisArt Hiserabi Tribal :iconethnisart:EthnisArt 3 2 The Thief Eater by EthnisArt The Thief Eater :iconethnisart:EthnisArt 1 2
Between me and Samantha we write, paint, draw, and color



Dunno where they come from. Dunno how they work. Dunno what they're made of. They're basically the most important thing in Ethnis.
— Riss ModiLine Runner

Indices are the keys to the WayHall. Each aligns with a WayHall and can be found on the world that the WayPoint is in the L3 LaGrange Point of. They are relatively small, only a quarter of a meter in diameter, considering the fact that the Rifts they lurk in are detectable only to the naked eye. 


Indices are glassy, dense orbs 0.25m in diameter. They are perfect, unblemished spheres with shifting, colorful interiors. They are said to be quite mesmerizing to hold and look into. 

They are visible to the naked eye but void to many other types of sensor and to Divination. This can make them extremely hard to find to the unwitting, but extremely easy to find for those who know what to look for.


Indices are found on the planet of the world their WayPoint is aligned with. Some systems have multiple Indices and Waypoints, the record is four Indices. 

These Indices are hidden in dimensional portals called Rifts. According to the survivors, these lead to pocket realms where you are tested by a higher power, and the realm within each has different rules and appearances. Some have spent weeks in there only to find no time had passed upon exiting, some go in and never return at all. If a rift is failed, it will usually teleport to a new location. 

Finding a rift is the dream of any fortune-hunter with a ship. Banners will pay bounties large enough to terraform, settle, and govern a moon. Finding an Index can set someone for life, or make it very short.
Online content providers are fascinating beasts, we are. It's kind of amazing that any creature can show a pulse only once every few months and still be considered alive, huh? It's like something from the best and worst horror movies.

That concludes the mandatory 'yes I'm still alive' segment. I write these as much for posterity as for confession, something to go back through later and either remember fondly or cringe sympathetically with.

Where's everything at?

I have a new portfolio website for my programming and art. It's still pretty modest, but I like it. You can check it out here.

I'm still writing on my book, now more than ever. It's actually looking... pretty damn good. I'm really happy with it. Plot's been reworked into something more epic yet easy to follow, characters have been merged and removed, and a couple new ones have been added. I've got a sample up, in case you're interesting in reading it; you can find it here.

I'm also slowly working on a fun little video game with Tyler, it's a world generation game in the vein of Terraria and Starbound, though will ultimately focus on character improvement and story rather than crafting and terraformation. There's a few little snapshots of it on my programming portfolio, so if you want to check them out, or see how I did them, you can check out the Tile Generation and Graphics entries and tell me what you think.

There it was: my effort for the day. I have no excuse to not be more active on here, there's actually quite a backlog of finished sketches to show off, at the very least!

Bienvenidos! If y'all are reading this, say heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.
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I'm many things, as we all are. I claim to be a writer, a pixel pusher, a programmer and a painter. I design systems and I enjoy doing so, from the layout of a program to a pan-galactic culture such as the country of Aempis from my book, Ethnis. Yes, I am published; I am currently working on rewriting and editing my book, gaining a fresh start on my series before moving onto my second novel and beyond. I welcome criticism, so long as it is constructive, and am sometimes too shy to share my own opinion unless I feel it is sought or warranted. If I am watching you, I'll here commend you on your art. If you are watching me I extend my thanks to you, feel free to say hello and chat.

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