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Tutorial: How To Draw Hands

By Ethlinn
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I wanted to draw this tutorial for a long time. In fact drawing was the easiest part. Explaining important things in English was very challenging for me. Sorry for all language mistakes. I hope that it's understandable enought although my language problems :). I hope it'll help sombody.

Time: one afternoon.
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deviant-amirStudent General Artist
this is no tutorial for how to draw hands this is detailing hands and fingers
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Forevermore444Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So so useful! Hands are my favorite things to draw. Most people say they are most difficult to draw but I don't agree. I have trouble with the detailing such as the lines in your palms or the crease made when move your fingers. Any suggestions? Do you mind taking a look at some of my drawings and giving some tips? It would be so helpful!
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wow, over my head
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Enbi-to-MirukuStudent General Artist
Why... The hand's position in this tutorial is exactly - I mean it, EXACTLY - the one I need! Thank you!
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this will seriously help. thank you so much for posting.
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The directions look very clear
i hope this will help me improve too. ^_^
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Good luck :D
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KotreboHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the tutorial! I credited you on it's use in my scrapbook. This came in handy and is something I can return to measure my progress on, very much appreciated! ^_^
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Totally gonna need this and its incredibly useful x x THANK YOU!!!
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taty1410Student General Artist
thank y0u (;
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dedicatedfollower467Student Digital Artist
Thanks, this was great!
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katiebearrisVEGHobbyist General Artist
THANK YOU! this was very helpfull! ive been trying to draw hands on my own... and its wasnt goin too good, lol. inever would have thought of the shading. mainly bc no one will buy my any art pencils :PP.. sorry im rambling. >.< well anyways thanks a bunch for the tutorial! its helped alot! :D thanks! again!!1 :D
p.s.- ik im rmabling alot but please make another tutorial! preferably about feet (ik sounds weird) or how to make a face look more realistic. :3 thanks, it would mean bunches! :D
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:) I'm glad you like the tutorial (sorry for answering so late). I'll think about another tutorial, but it depends on how much time will I have. Unfortunately, drawing is just a hobby for me... after 8h at work I prefer watching a film or read a book than drawing. That is sad...
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katiebearrisVEGHobbyist General Artist
lol thats ok i am the same way. after a long i would much rather read or watch tv than draw :P lol
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Kimmuriel-HUNHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very useful! Thanks! :ahoy:
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thanks for addin this it really helped me alot ^^
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I'm glad about it :)
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PlagueyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
This tutorial really helped me ^^
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Nice to hear it :)
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axeheadsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I hate to say it, this isn't exactly a tutorial on how to draw hands, its more like how to shade hands. :/ When you first begin, you already have a hand drawn.
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Maybe, you're right. It's rather something - how I draw hands. I'm can't make tutorial how to draw good sketch of hand, because sometimes I have a lot of problems to sketch a hand right.
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