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Trojan Horse was a Unicorn was the best art- related event I have ever attended. If you are interested in art and were unable to go, you're probably thinking "STFU already, asshole". Well, I'm here to tell you that the best thing to do in these circumstances is to buy access to THU TV. I bought it yesterday only to re-watch the lectures I attended in person. Later I plan to watch the ones I missed due to lecture overlap. There are tons of content, inspiring, informative, useful and also funny and entertaining. Well worth the price of admission, I couldn't recommend it more. Buy it here:
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If you like Ancient history this might interest you. The magazine will deal with the more peaceful aspects of the period, since most historical publications seem to deal with war, it might be a nice change for some. It sure would be for me, I'd be their cover guy if the campaign is successful ;)…
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It looks like I have become a historical illustrator all of a sudden. That means I am morally obliged to share the knowledge acquired in the course of my work with you, ignorant masses. Therefore, as of today, each historical piece will be accompanied by a short text, so stick with me and you might learn a thing or two about history. Cause it repeats itself.
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I just noticed I have over 1000 of you watching me now. It's a nice, round number, so I will use it as an opportunity to say how great it is to know that you're willing to look at what I paint and like it. And I promise you I will paint more :)

Unfortunately, I also have to say sorry for not always being able to respond to all the comments you leave individually. I read all of them, and I answer all the questions I get. If you were kind enough to leave a kind word or a compliment, please know that it was received, and I was very grateful for it!
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Looks like I just got my 501st watcher today. That's a nice, round number, so it's a good opportunity to show my gratitude to everyone who visited my gallery, left a fav, a comment and decided they'd like to see more. A million thanks to all of you. And I can promise you, there will be more and I will try my best to increase the quality!

I haven't written a journal in a while, so maybe a short update is in order. I am working more than ever this year and starting to phase out the dayjob to work even more. I will be changing my arrangements to work part time to keep up with the demand for client work. Finally my dreams are coming true, as I creep towards the grand prize of making a living by painting. So watch this space, as I will be able to show more art when those unfortunate NDAs are lifted.

Once again, thanks for watching, I am very grateful to all of you! You make it all worthwhile.
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I started an art blog! It's made by me, so you can pretty much assume it's not safe for work. Also, you want your kids out of the room. Come to think of it, don't even bother clicking. Actually, I think you can just gamble reporting it to the authorities without even checking it out.
Anyway, here is the link:
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So it looks like I scored 10 000 pageviews here on deviantArt. Awesome! Mostly I have seen a lot of other people point this landmark in their journals and I wanted to fit in ;] But I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all my watchers and people who clicked and looked, amybe even left a comment. It would be all pointless without you so huge THANK YOU!
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I took a look at my older drawings and paintings and it dawned at me that my standards have somewhat... changed. So I applied my current demands to all those pieces and left only those which meet the criteria. 100 out of 150 didn't make it and waved bye bye. It was relieving. Don't miss them, there'll be more.
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So I went out to the cinema tonight to see what all the buzz is about. The movie is astonishing. I loved everything, and not just because I'm a child of the 80s. The script, the characters, the pictures, the music, the FX, NIXON(!!!), everything rocks. Moreover, by applying my foolproof formula, according to which awesomeness of a movie based on a book or graphic novel divided by two or more equals the awesomeness of the said book or graphic novel I have concluded that I'll read this thing as soon as I can even if it's the last thing I do. Should prove easy seeing that every bookstore is filled with watchmen merchandise. Pffff, capitalism.
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So I reached the conclusion that maybe that whole self-taught thing doesn't cut it. So I gone and got accepted to a very competitive course at uni. Shortly after I realised that I am at risk of learning how to paint like Pic-ass-o or other "geniuses" which resulted in promptly sending a letter of resignation to the said uni. Instead, I chose another establishment at which to spend all my life savings.

After three days there I feel like someone who has spent his entire life pissing on the toilet seat, because nobody told me that it needs to be picked up. Every day has been a revelation of something brilliantly basic and obvious. Every next day is better than the previous one.

I'll be submitting as I go, starting with a charcoal drawing.
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According to the Chinese calendar it's the new year's day today, and we're starting the year of the Rat. Think what you can do this year to celebrate and if you're a good citizen rat on your neighbor for not paying his car insurance. If you're a popstar, rat on your coke dealer, trust me, another one will appear sooner or later. You can rat on your homies to the cops, or rat about that weird looking bearded guy you saw at the airport. Enjoy.
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Make sure you buy lots of stuff to keep the economy going.
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I'm so happy right now It's unbelieveable. Absolutely nothing pisses me off right now and I love the whole rotten world. I just sold my first comissioned drawing. My first money made on art ever and let me tell you, I damn well deserve it. It took many hours, a lot of frustration, watching my friends' dissapointed faces when I couldn't do stuff with them... Was it worth it? HELL YEAH! Anyway, I have a proof now that my work is salable and it gives me a good boost to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist. It felt so good to see how happy that guy was that it even overcame the trauma of parting with a piece I really, really like and am proud as hell of. Never thought making money could be so fulfilling... :D
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So we're supposed to feature a great traditional artist, huh? Tough choice...

There are many traditional aritsts here on DA who blew my mind, be it with their technique, vision, or ideas. This is just one of them. This guy just takes draftsmanship to a whole new level. His pieces make me feel inadequate, but give me enormous motivation to practice and impress me immensly. I was very impressed with his project to draw every outfit Padme was wearing in the First three Star Wars episodes. You gotta appreciate this kind of dedication and persistence! So here he is:

:iconjasonpal:… - one of his color paintings. I love the way he achieved a high level of realism but still maintained a *traditional art* feel (hard to explain it properly)… - what can I say, really? Just look at it!… gotta love the way the weightless material of the rainbow dress contrasts with the metal armbands. Fantastic technique!

Traditional Art Stamp by darkartificer
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I got a thousand hits on my page. It's hard to say what impact it has on my life, but there's bound to be one since I feel good about it ;) Big thanks to anyone who checked out my stuff
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I was going to say goodbye to copying and fanarts once and for all and only spend time on my own ideas which have been piling up, but:

Since my last 5 pics were my ideas I deserve a breather. Copies are still good practice so I improve anyway and fanarts are fun and motivating. Besides, one won't hurt, so meet Vergil. :) That badass deserved some homage anyway! Everybody's like "DanteDanteDante" all the time :P
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Finished that comic book at last... My gallery is getting a bit too gray, time for some color now.
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I finally got a scanner and can submit some new stuff. Damn, it's been a while...
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After over a month of not being able to submit anything due to lack of a scanner I concluded that even crappy photos are better than nothing. What the hell, right?
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