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Sully Erna



Pencil on paper

approximately 10 hours

reference photo by Clay Patrick McBride

Sully Erna is the founder and lead singer of Godsmack, one of my favourite bands. The photo I used for reference is on the cover of his book "The Paths We Choose" ***PLUG WARNING*** which is a terrific read even if you're not a fan of the band and has enriched me spiritually in many ways.

Ok, to be honest with you... I'm quite proud of this one. I think this might be my best pencil drawing so far, and it taught me a good lesson. About half way through I noticed something weird about the glasses. It became clear that i messed them up in the early stages and didn't realize until I had already detailed them. I thought that the drawing was screwed. The lesson I learned is: always pay attention to the proportions and never neglect any mistakes if you notice them. Instead, get at them mercilessly and you might be able to save the drawing. I just hope I will remember it.

I used a blending stump this time, and it was a pleasant surprise to see what it can do.
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Love the different textures on this, especially his facial hair. The reflection in the glasses is a nice touch, and it's Sully, so you can't go wrong there. :P

I agree with you that his memoir is very good. I tried reading Anthony Kiedis' memoir (he's the singer from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who I don't listen to), but Sully's memoir was MUCH more readable to me. In fact, I couldn't even get through Kiedis' book. I felt as though Sully's had a better message, although I might be a bit biased.

What are your favorite songs from Godsmack?