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Mongol vs Khwarezmid

Done for a historical magazine
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Maya you are incorrect.
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As far as I know Mongols had small horses so that riders's feet were almost touching the ground. They did not wear armour neither used armour for their horses. Their horsemen used to wear animal skin and leather only. What made them conquer big and rich countries was their quantity and savagery. They were able to massacre an entire city including animals in one day. Their huge army outnumbered the defenders of any city they attacked.
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You're... just wrong, dude. Many Mongols had armor. Yes, they had small horses, but... they were generally well-equipped, and often outsmarted their foes. 
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I like this artwork, but I have a question. Shouldn't there be a hook at the end of the lance?
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It's possible, I'm not an expert on the subject.
The lance should be even longer. Because he is shock cavalry. If he is shock then he should be a bigger man. Have you seen Mongolian wrestlers bro they are huge. Iran has big wrestlers too. Omg imagine two cataphracts going to charge at each other.
Agreed. Last I checked, the lance was a good 8-12' long! And the Mongols were definitely bigass mofos, thick-waisted and strong, almost Polynesian-like IMOHO...
Well, the mongols used ponies, so they prolly could not carry a wrestler for a very long time. I know about the three horses system, but I dont think wrestlers would have been effective. You want speed, not bulkyness. Yes, the weight behind the lancepoint also matters, but I think that the bulky guys would be better as archers or infantrymen.
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Well I'm sure they used horses as well, maybe not as much but maybe they used horses for the cataphracts that were trained specially for the bigger guys.
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woah, good point

i guess we'll have to go in a time machine to find out!
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Beautiful illustration
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masquedios's avatar the right moment!
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nice illo and all but the the mongols rode small horses, I don't know about the khwarezmid
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I have to agree with you on this one. I made a mistake painting the horse too big.
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Yes, our horses are much smaller than those of european and abarian linage due to harsh nature.
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so basically, the Mongols were an "extension" of the Assyrian empire?

frm what I read, the Mongols used EVERYTHING the Assyrian empire used, from the pointed helmets, right down to the psychological warfare tactics.
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You are a moron the Mongols were never related to Assyrian
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I never said they were related you dingdong, I'm basically saying the Mongols copied their Tactics.......
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mongols were not a nomadic people similar to the assyrians, but they were not in anyway related to them, they were very distant in both time and location.
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Mongols *were* a nomadic people
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