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Battle of Courtrai

Done for a historical magazine
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Brutal people hurt miserable horses... let them all die!
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You hae a very nice style :D It looks so realistic! Especially since it doesn't abuse the airbrush and over exaggerate the lighting XD If it wasn't for the "drawings and paintings" part you list this under, I would still be having trouble discerning this from a photograph :o
that horse killing spike is interesting, I wasn't aware those existed.  
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That there is a Goedendag. It's a spear/club hybrid that's basically a heavy spear with a fat piece underneath the spike that's filled with lead. 
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To those wondering about this battle, this battle was fought between the Flemish Communal Army, led by Count Namur and Count Julich, and a royal French force of 3000 heavy cavalry led by Lord Artois. The battle ended in a Flemish victory with Artois dead, and many other French lords and knights being captured or following him to the grave. Some minor criticisms for the artist: Due to the weapon he is carrying, the goededang, I assume the Fleming engaging the French knight is a militiaman, which made up about 80 percent of the Communal Army. The Flemish militiaman's armor typically consisted of open faced metal helm, mail mittens, and maybe a leather cuirass. The only Flemish to wear full mail were the professional core troops and the small number of knights with the army.
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The quality of the painting is out of discussion. But your fidelity to the medieval clothes, weapons, materials and color is awasome. All the details they were!. THANKS!Worship (I´ve got a degree in Medieval History, and I´ve seen such atrocities..!)
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Thank you! I try to research things properly and I get help from the authors of the articles my paintings illustrate. Ultimately it is they and the editor who have the last word when it comes to things like that.
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Then, you get your objective superbly, because I was unable of finding any improper or anachronic detail. God (or whatever was) bless you!
Besides that, you are a really great, great painter. Hopefully there were more than you intended for historical painting!!Clap 
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Very well painted, good composition and strong rendering. Shared here:…
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations in…
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stunning works you create...keep up the good works..
YOU SHALL NOT PASS !!!:D (Big Grin) 
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omg... this deserve thousands of favorites. The detail is amazing, love that french knight!
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I don't care much about thousands of faces. But I'm very pleased you like my work and that you're watching me for more :-)
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Awesome... How did you do the chainmail?
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Thanks! I combined using: custom brushes (semi circular shaped), layers and locking transparency.
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Thanks for sharing! Your work is really great!
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As illustration goes - this fine work, but eg you do not want the horse to rear before the infantryman, for they will rip its belly open, you spear the infantryman . NIce rendering of the mail
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Very well done! :thumbsup:
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wspaniały obraz! ile detali i szczegółów :) kompozycja również bardzo dobra. Od razu przykuły mój wzrok szczegóły materiału na szyi konia i faktura stali na hełmach.
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Dzięki! Będzie więcej o tej tematyce :]
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