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The fight against Pari was long and hard... but eventually the traitorous spirit lies dead to your feet.

You did it. You stopped the creature in time to recover Kaha Madar's power and now it is time for a new Elemental God to be born and to save Velandi from its path to doom.

The Great Elemental Mother's power floats through the air and slowly enters the former Aevi of Air, Aeri'al. Her body begins to gleam as she finally fulfills her destingy and becomes the new deity of the world and Velandi's new hope.

As the glow fades, Aeri'al's eyes are strangely unfocused. You try to speak to her but she isn't listening, instead starting to spread her wings and set into the sky, continuing Kaha Madar's never ending journey through Velandi, her power filling the world.

An eery feeling fills your heart... The former Aevi lost her sentient mind, her personality and spirit lost forever in order to become the new Kaha Madar. But even though it was a bitter war with so many unnecessary sacrifices, your world will now finally face a time of prosperity once more, Aeri'al's Ether already filling the world around you, healing the wounds of five thousand years.

Leaving Pari's labyrinth behind forever, you return to your home and beloved ones.
You did it... You saved Velandi.


Somewhere in Velandi, a couple thousand years alter.

The knight grit his teeth as he looked at the destruction to his feet, his friend's hand resting on his shoulder. “Another village swept away because Aeri'al came too close to it...”

“You can't reason with that creature. That goddess is no blessing to Velandi, she is a curse!” The other knight nodded, her eyes blazing with hunger for revenge.

“It is time for the Great Elemental Mother to go. Velandi is better off without her.” Looking back over his shoulder, the man nodded at his companions... as they readied themselves to hunt the goddess down, to free their world of her presence once and for all.


'If history repeats itself and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.'
George Bernard Shaw

Hey everyone! We finally reached the end of Ethernitas! I hope you all had fun and enjoyed our story. Thanks for sticking with us to the end!

Your Ether-Team
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