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How to THINK when you draw T-REX HEADS QICK TIP!

I'm reprinting BOTH my 200 PAGE drawing tutorials BOOKS, which will ONLY be available in the HIGHER tiers of Robin's WRITING book KICKSTARTER coming this OCTOBER! The ONLY WAY to get them is join the SECRET LAUNCH CLUB MAILING LIST, by sending "Add me, Lorenzo!" to - if you’ve joined our mailing lists before, you're already on it!
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Here's what I'm getting. The basic shape of the T-rex head is a box with an angle at the side and a 45° angled bottom for the bottom jaw. Am I right?

That happy T. rex cartoon gives me life
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That T-REX HEADS Is So Cool.
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That looks amazing! Such a majestic looking t-rex!
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Thank you! Lots more to come :)


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Dinosaurs are always welcome in my book!
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the smile is adorable

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come to Bismarck, watch how i draw please
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This is actually really helpful.
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So happy it’s useful! TONS of new tutorials coming here every day of the week, hope you continue to enjoy them!


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Please go. This is Not a Sex Site This site is DeviantArt
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it's copypaste spambot, just report it. responding is a waste of your time
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I do I report that trash?
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LynxWolfArts, idk about you but this is a sex/porn site for quite a lot of people actually lmao
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Very Useful!!! Thumbsup by hjordang   
T-Rex Head by hjordang
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So glad it’s helpful!


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this has been my childhood dream.
drawing dinosaurs.
o.o I'm so happy

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