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How to THINK when you draw STARS QUICK TIP!

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Freaking genius
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My method is to mask the moon and other not-sky areas, then dip a toothbrush in white gouache and run my fingernail across the bristles.  Makes a good random scatter, and as a bonus the tiny paint splats aren't perfectly round.
Digitally I just mask and use a scattered "splat"-brush with size, angle and count jitter set to max.
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Great approach!!

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I think this could be a great way to come with constellations, too
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I recommend making curves rather than straight lines
Eu recomendo fazer curvas ao invés de retas
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Thought random stars are random🤔
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this looks clever, but imho it's far more effective just to randomly place stars.
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Some people just have trouble placing things randomly, this is to help those people
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I think this is the first time I've ever disagreed with one of these... no offense lol
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This!!! thank you!!!
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So happy it’s useful! TONS of new tutorials coming here every day of the week, hope you continue to enjoy them!


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Isn't this the opposite of random? This algorithm will tend to line up stars far more often than reality. And you will never get big+small binaries.
I guess real stars aren't random either 'tho because of gravitational effects. *shrug*
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Perhaps instead of "straight lines" it would be better to use "curved" or "semi-wiggly" lines.
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Yeah that'd do it.

If I was coding something to look realistic I'd probably use perlin noise for the star density, and a normal distribution for each stars brightness, but this is supposed to be a quick drawing tip, so that is not really helpful...
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This is so simple, yet I'm really impressed :D
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So glad it’s helpful!


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This'll make it easier to come up with the cover design for my next book.
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Awesome, hope it goes well!

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I think it will!  Tanx!
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Ah I like this one :)
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