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Akiho+Kurisu (crossover edition)

By Etherien
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Presenting Akiho Senomiya of STEINS;NOTES and Kurisu Makise of ROBOTICS;GATE.

Wait...what's with this mix-up... Is this some parallel universe? This is giving me a headache!! >.<

Nevermind, geeky girls ftw!! :D

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yuki-oneesan's avatar
the one on the left reminds me of that character, Rika Shiguma, from Haganai :D
Etherien's avatar
OMG, not that crazy pervy Rika!! XD XD

Just a slight resemblance here, but needs the green school uniform. Perhaps there may be nendo Rika in the future~ :P
yuki-oneesan's avatar
ah, I guess it is only a slight resemblance. I just thought of that off the top of my head~~
Gokiyono's avatar
They are really cute ;-;
Etherien's avatar
Yeah, the outfit swap worked out better than I expected ^^
Larkosan's avatar
God, they are so cute.
TabarakM's avatar
I can draw these beautiful dolls? #pleeease
Etherien's avatar
Yes, please do so! That would be great~ :D
TabarakM's avatar
Thank youuu!! :tighthug:
silkhat's avatar
Aaaww they're so cute! :D
(especially Kuristiinnnaaaaa!!)
GSC just needs to make the heroine of Chaos;Head and this set would be complete
Etherien's avatar
Love Kurisu-tina's expression and Akiho's hair! :D
Didn't really catch the Chaos;Head realease back then, but yeah, it would be great to make the set complete with a female character from there~ ^^
silkhat's avatar
indeed! R;N has really unique hair, especially Frau's
i am considering to watch chaos;head (in the distant future lol) when i have time :,D
Etherien's avatar
Frau's pigtails are really unique! Yeah, I would like to catch chaos;head too, but I'm always a little short on time to go catch such old series... ;_;
Etherien's avatar
awww.. glad you like it! :)
Odessa-Himijo's avatar
Eheh :3 This is really a nice mix :D
Martim's avatar
They look awesome like that :)
Etherien's avatar
Awesome geeky girls~! :D
Martim's avatar
jbrowneuk's avatar
This is far too adorable :meow:

Love the photo!
Etherien's avatar
Thanks jbrowneuk! Mix-ups can be rather fun and effective! :D
jbrowneuk's avatar
Yep, they really can be, and this one just works so well :D
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