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Spirito Tutorial

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Radio Mast in the Desert

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Fantasmas e Sofrimento

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How to Report a Copyright Violation on Facebook.

Important: This journal was written on May 5, 2014. Since then I have no problems with copyright inside FB anymore, so, I don't know if they have changed the step-by-step to make the report. If you see something different from my sbs, please, let me know! Thank you!____________________________________________________ I'm not very often on Facebook, what most I do there, is post my arts and give some "like" to posts of my friends, but don't do it every day, sometimes I get many days without going there. Facebook isn't part of my life as Deviantart is. But almost always I see copyright infringement from arts of my friends, and I will now expla

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MB Slavonic Minsk | Pagan Font

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Neuscharfeneck Ruins Stock 16

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Young mercenary - raising HK

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frosty web 2

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Funerium Weapon: Dragon Scythe

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ALL ENTRIES Maybe you know the historical drama tv series "Vikings" inspired by the Sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok or saw the comedy film "Erik the Viking" written and directed by Terry Jones, or you have read already the "Edda" and you are fascinated by norse mythology. The legends and tales are a common heritage of German, Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon peoples. The Norse creation myth tells how everything came into existence in the gap between fire and ice, and how the gods shaped the homeworld of humans. OUR CONTEST THEME"THE NINE WORLDS - VIKIN


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Let the sparks fly.

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Texture 02 1920 X 1080

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Barbed Wire Brush PS

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Old TV Stock Photo DSC 0010 - PNG

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Up and Into the Void

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Oasis Roots into Tree Trunk rework 4 PNG copy

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Exit Please?

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Billie Jean Mistress Ref-344

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DiZa decorative element


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Modern Gospel Concert Church Flyer Template


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SteamPunk Photoshop Styles


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WWE Brock Lesnar  Render 2014  WWE

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