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So I've learned some new photoshop tricks, and I am enjoying them! I've decided to create something that isn't seen too much, and that is an Angel and mermaid encounter. The, "Merman" in this case, wishes he could fly and be more free like the angel. The angel expresses her solicitude for the mermaid, while thinking to herself "I was once there." This is mainly a representation of spiritual evolution, in a sense. One ascending or evolving from the waters to the skies. All criticisms are welcomed, good and bad.

Stocks used

Female Model::iconsitara-leotastock:Windswept 4

Sparkling Stars around her::iconfrostbo:Sparkling Stars Brush PS

Flow end piece on her dress::icongeoectomy:JBS Seafoam Flutter Pack 08

Wings::iconnightgraue:Angelswings 2 - PSD Stock

Male Model::iconnull-entity:Jump And Reach - Side

Merman Tail::iconroys-art:Mermaid Tail PNG Stock

Background(waterscape) And Sky::iconcd-stock:Kornati 09 and Clouds 16 by CD-STOCK

Sea Life:

Jelly Fish::iconmysticmorning:Jelly Fish png

Butterfly Fish::iconybsilon-stock:Red-tailed Butterflyfish

Group of fish to the left in the back underwater, that are a little difficult to spot::iconfree-stock-by-wayne:Fish Set 03

Flying Birds::iconmindsqueeze:Bird Silhouette 1

Water Effects:

Majority Of the Bubbles::iconfrostbo:Underwater Realistic Bubble PS

The Bubbles that are slightly breaching the surface of the water::iconedelihu:Bubble Brushes

Sun and…

Water Effects:

Ripples::iconjssanda:Water Effect Stock Pack

Water Dripping down Merman's Hand::iconredheadstock:Water Photoshop Brushes

Thank you all for making your stock available, and as always, I appreciate it very much

:D (Big Grin) 
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Fantastic work!!
CD-STOCK's avatar
Great blending and lighting effects, my friend!
EthericDezigns's avatar
Thank you, CD! I am happy to know that I was successful at doing so. :nod: I am glad you like it.
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Hehe I get to be a Merman :D
Thankyou for the stock use.
EthericDezigns's avatar
:giggle: Yup, the merman from the deep with his jelly fish friends! :nod: I was delighted to use your stock, and the pose was spot on perfect for my vision. I've couldn't have found a better pose! Thank you for providing your stock, sincerely. 
mysticmorning's avatar
:wow: I absolutely love this :heart:
EthericDezigns's avatar
:D (Big Grin) Thank you, I am glad you like it! I absolutely love your jelly fish stock. I thank you for providing them, and I enjoyed making them glow. I think your jelly fish are really, realistic looking. They do not even look 3D rendered. I appreciate you, :iconmysticmorning:Love 
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Fantastic work! Thank you for using my stock.
EthericDezigns's avatar
No problem at all, SqueeZe.... I have always been fascinated by your stock. However, as I always say to all the great stock providers - before I use a really good piece, I really have to sit back and think on what I am going to do with the piece. I just like to do good stock some justice, and not just put a stock in a scenario that just doesn't fit, you know. Furthermore, you're one of my favorite "stockers" :nod: among a few others. And you'll probably be seeing a lot of me, my friend!:nod:hehe. Again, thank you for your stock, hard work, and dedication.
MindSqueeZe's avatar
I know what you mean, I sometimes do the same with other peoples stock or if I am doing an edit. Your very welcome and thank you so much. I will be posting more and more stock very soon. I haven't got half of what I want up yet so I hope its all useful :)
EthericDezigns's avatar
Indeed, I can't wait! :-)
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Excellent piece of work.  Nod 
EthericDezigns's avatar
Thanks, Roy I am pleased that you like it. I spend hours and hours trying to improve my style, just so that I could take good stock and do it justice with the right composition, and right techniques. I have always been a fan of your stock works and art works since day one here on D.A. As I've stated before "it is like being a kid in a candy store!" Thanks for providing such good stock, Roy and I really appreciate it!:nod:
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My pleasure and thank you so much.  Thank You DD Sign 
EthericDezigns's avatar
:nod: you're welcome, Roy!
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Really awesome job with the water John! Composition and creativity are on point! :la:
EthericDezigns's avatar
Thank you very much, Amanda. Lately i've been stepping outside of my box of creating scary and action art. I'm aiming to create more awe inspiring and softer art. :nod:
A-Wakefield's avatar
Well you are definitely off to a terrific start! :la:
EthericDezigns's avatar
Thank you, I try hard! :nod:
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