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Inspired by a historical spanish mystic society called the "Alumbrados." Quote: "Alumbrado, ( Spanish: “Enlightened”, ) Italian Illuminato, plural Illuminati,  a follower of a mystical movement in Spain during the 16th and 17th centuries. Its adherents claimed that the human soul, having attained a certain degree of perfection, was permitted a vision of the divine and entered into direct communication with the Holy Spirit. From this state the soul could neither advance nor retrogress. Consequently, participation in the liturgy, good works, and observance of the exterior forms of religious life were unnecessary for those who had received the “light.” The Alumbrados came primarily from among the reformed Franciscans and the Jesuits, but their doctrines seem to have influenced all classes of people. The extravagant claims made for their visions and revelations caused them to be relentlessly persecuted. The Inquisition issued edicts against them on three occasions (1568, 1574, and 1623)."


Stock Credits:

The White Owl:iconkymscave-stock:KymsCave-Stock Animals 26

The Eagle Owl:iconmomotte2stocks:Cut-out stock PNG 64 - fluffy owl

The Gate:iconkuschelirmel-stock:The Gate

The Fire On sword:iconmd-arts:Avatar of Fire

The Sword itself:iconfantasystock:<da:thumb id="102786813">(Blue Gem Magical Warrior Sword)

Little blue fire balls:iconXnieke:Firework 06

Foreground:iconkuschelirmel:<da:thumb id="422328788">


Hooded Model:iconvxlphotography:s DSC2902

Arcane Circle:iconredheadstock:Arcane Circles-Symbols Brushes

Optical Flares:icondawiz:<da:thumb id="328553622">

"Eye Of Providence" in the arch of the gate:iconybsilon-stock:Insignia
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Awesome work, thank you for using my stock and making it look so good..
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Thank you very much, I appreciate the compliment. And no problem my friend! :-)
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Fantastic job!
Thanks for letting me know, linking back and using my stock!
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Thanks, CD I am glad you like it, and no problem! :-)