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First stamp for these guys. 8D A stamp for the awesome 'Defective Turrets' from Portal 2. They made me giggle to no end. xD

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defective turrets life matters...
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 I thought I was Defective then I came to Deviant...
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he is defective
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Oh my god I was about to say that!!!!
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These guys are hilarious, even if they are crap turrets.
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"Oh thank God!  You saved my bacon, pal!  Where are we going?  This a jail break?  Can't see a thing!  Yeah!  Let's do this!"
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Gotta love defective turrets :icondefectiveturretplz:
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Template : " Hello..? "

Response : " Crap. "

XDDDDD These guys are total knock outs, they're freaking hilarious x'D
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I like those guys, too =P
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NEEDS..... MORE...... DEFECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey squeaky-voice! Gimme some of your bullets!
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This is genious! xD Thanks for turning it into a stamp!
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Will see if I can put this in my sig.

That line also makes me laugh.
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I love crap turrets :)
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There needs to be more stamps like this. :'D

:icondefectiveturretplz: :iconsaysplz: "Better open fire!
(click click click)
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They try to kill us, but they can't...Thats why i love them
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god I love the efective ones :3
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I love the crap turrets as Wheatley calls them. They are hiliarious. 'Shootin' blanks all the time. Every time'
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Those things are hilarious XD one of my favorites:

"I'm not defective!" *Tossed* "You can't fire me I quit! D<"
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Pffft. These turrets are so much better than the original ones.

"Sooo uhh...what am I supposed to do?" NEXT.
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