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Yukito got an uncommon upgrade thanks to kittengeist

Blessing names: Gardenia (gardenia jasminoides), begonia (b. fimbristipulata)
Rarity: Uncommon
Pupils:  Gardenia shaped pupils

Blessing information: 
Gardenias are a flowering plant native to tropical and subtropical areas of Africa, Asia, Madagascar and the Pacific Islands.

Gardenia are related to coffee plants, being in the same family of plants.

Gardenia are prized for their beautiful blossoms and sweet fragrance. They are used for yellow dye in Japan and China. Their fruits used in Chinese medicine for its cooling properties to treat fevers.

Begonias are perennial flowering plants native to tropical and sub-tropical climates, but can often be kept indoors and in cooler climates as well. They are cultivated for their wide variety of colorful blossoms.

The aerial portions are used as an alterative, to clear heat, eliminate toxins, promote blood circulation, treat coughing of blood, and externally applied for trauma, burns, pain and toxic sores.

This Annie is devoted to healing the sicknesses and injuries of others. He uses his blessings to help produce medicines and put people at ease. 

Annies are a close species created by Yamio.

His info is here:

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He looks colorful yet gives off such a gentle vibe especially it shows from his expression. Such a pretty staff too he has.

Despite he heals people, it's really.. amazing that he has such well.. not good cooking skills which really makes him really interesting, ahah.