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Gardenia (common myo)


Thank you again for gifting me with the myo ticket jolt QAQ 

Blessing name: Gardenia (gardenia jasminoides)
Rarity: common
Eyes: common round pupil

Blessing information:
Gardenias are a flowering plant native to tropical and subtropical areas of Africa, Asia, Madagascar and the Pacific Islands.

Gardenia are related to coffee plants, being in the same family of plants.

Gardenia are prized for their beautiful blossoms and sweet fragrance. They are used for yellow dye in Japan and China. Their fruits used in Chinese medicine for its cooling properties to treat fevers.

This Annie is devoted to healing the sicknesses and injuries of others. He uses his blessing to help produce medicines and put people at ease.

Annies are a close species created by Yamio.

His bio is here
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Hello handsome boy !! Ahh I’m so happy to see all these gorgeous Drapes in your style TTOTT he captures the white gardenia blessing in such an elegant way

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This child is so elegant and caring looking! The green and white is so calming (as is his soft gaze), yet the gold adds a touch of personality and added detail~ Everything works together to make such a soothing design!

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Thank you for your sweet comment. I really wanted his personality to show him as gentle when I made him.

Tachibana-Mizuko's avatar

You're welcome~ You really succeeded in doing so, he seems very gentle!

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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara oh my goodness, ethereal!
this boy is so well designed!
i love the details on his sleeves!
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Thank you so much Charm! :iconiluplz:
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