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This is it. 
My Dreamkeepers Halloween Attempt, I hope I'm not too late. 
I hope you all enjoy, especially you creators, you made my day, I wish the best for your continue work, because to me it's absolutly wonderful thing you're doing, and I hope one day I can there too. 
All I can say it's a big thank you to :iconezioauditore97:, if he didn't made those requests, I wouldn't be doing this right now. 
So thank you. 

P.S: Can you guess what they're disguised of? 

All were created and belongs to Dave and Liz from their comic Dreamkeepers
Their Page:

You can read two volumes for free in their page:…

And you can read their Prelude Comics:…
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Cool, a classic Goonies/8mm monster squad.
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Lilith's pose is great and the colors are all so vibrant! Simply gorgeous.
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Thank you! I'm glad I nail all of it! I just wanted to be a great image for a great halloween.
And for a comic that I'm enjoying even more everyday. 
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Oh this is a nice one.  I may have my work cutout for me.
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Oh Thank you, I'm glad you like it and I wish you best luck. =)
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Oh I just do it for the fun :D  Unfortunately I have not been able to work on it as much as I want, but I am having a blast drawing it when I can.
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So do I, it's fun when you have ideas and fun doing it.
But if you've time to this, I wish good luck.  =) 
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Mace is Luke from Professor Layton
Namah is Robin(Player character)from Fire Emblem Awakening
Lilith is...Link?
Bast looks like Inuyasha...
Whip looks like...something
This looks great btw. It's Amazing
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I'm impressed! You Spot Namah and Lilith! 
The rest I'll give you a hit, though I'm know these three might be harder than the others. 
Whip and Mace are part one of Don Bluth movies 
And Bast is from another game, though I can't tell it's name yet. =)
Good Luck! =)
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Whip is Littlefoot from The Land Before Time
Mace is...a character from All Dogs go to Heaven?
Bast is...Game Over Foxy Emote - Five Nights At Freddys 
(My brain just exploded)
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Sorry, but nop.  

Try again. =)
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...I can't figure it out...more hints?
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Well, first things first, Whip and Mace are into one don bluth movie, and Mace's clothes are probably the best hit to get there.
and Bast is a character that is from a game that starts with A. 
Good luck! =)
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Mace and Whip: Secret of NIMH or Anastasia or American Tail
Bast: Konoha Arcana Heart
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Well done, Mace and Whip, it is Anastasia!
But Bast, you need to pay attention what they're wearing, because I focus on the clothes that they're being.
Good luck! =)
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Wait, Whip is Itchy Itchiford.
Mace is Carface Caruthers
Bast is...
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Quite a bit early actually;be sure to check late October and that's when most of everybody will be submitting and see some of the eye candy then.

This is really fantastic work;you have a remarkable feel for the wonderful cast members and the expressions are incredibly done as well.All in all very nice work and to think you offer those requests like you do freely is you're interested;very very kind of you to do them and the more art of these wonderful characters the more readers to help keep it going as well.

As for what series their costumes are from would you care to enlighten me?They don't quite seem familiar though obviously they are off of a fantasy series that is mage-centric.
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Yeah, that. I actually in their own very site, show 30th thursday, nothing else. When I read it I thought well that it is this "month". 
But oh well, it was a small mistake but it's fine either way. 

Thank you, I'm glad you like them, and happy to hear that it will bring a chance to new readers of this unique comics. =) 

Well, my friend, I knew they would be kinda difficult to guess who they are, but I like to bring challege. 
Their costumes it's mostly comes from games (even one of them it was only annouced), expect the front one, that one comes from don bluth movie. 

Good Luck! ;)

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It's no big deal indeed!

Your very welcome!What a wonderful story Dave and Liz have and here's to more people enjoying it in the near future!

Game costumes are always awesome;I'm behind on playing RPGs though I am getting a 2DS or 3DS soon so I can squeeze in a little Pokemon or JRPG goodness in here and there;Quit Pokemon after Diamond and Pearl after having started with Ruby and Sapphire ,yet the new overhauls look quite nice and I'm partial to a few cool Pokemon designs myself.
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Well, I'm also very behind of rpg games, even though I play 3Ds, 2Ds and some ps2 and ps3 and and pc. 
I'm try to finish them when I have the time for it. 
Pokemon, I played almost every pokemon, expect silver and gold version, but Sapphire was actually my very first pokemon game that I owned, I played for hours! when I was young even I bought emerlard and I played hours, and I almost did complete catching them all. Since it's there a new one, I'm hoping it brings me back when I was crazy about pokemon.
I played all mystery dungeons, even the new one, which I think it might have some flaws but I did enjoy the story, characters, music and gameplay as improved a bit compared to others, but again it really depends because this game it's not easy like the previous ones IF you don't know how to do it. 
Pearl is the one that I actually died of boredom to be honest, I completed it but the thing is when I completed I didn't even remember that I completed it, I thought I still left on the last gym. I bought because I saw people playing and having fun, but when it was my turn it was forgettable to me. but Ethereal says that the Plantium it's the better and different version compare to diamond and pearl.  =)
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Sapphire was a great entry point no doubt!Pokemon has traditionally had a fairly deep system of combat that's been fun and never too challenging while Mystery Dungeon had a somewhat simplified system that instead became a battle of attrition and finding the next stair before your party meets an untimely demise and that was a fun change of pace.I liked the 1st and 2nd and the 3rd....It did not seem as memorable as you stated ,but they were all fun and had some touching stories.Good taste in Pokemon games! :)
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Indeed, Mystery dungeon, might be boring to people, the way the gameplay is, but I sometimes get more into story than gameplay, but nowdays I focus on both things, I think 3rd made it a bit more fun than the others, because you're building our own place, if they go on with that direction it would've been even cooler, because makes think you plant and stuff, awhile we go dungeon saving pokemons and enemies. 
even the soundtrack it's better than previous ones (well it's obvious you in different consoles evolution), and the story it's almost nicer to the first one to be honest, but it has more characters around you to care. But the second it wasn't my favourite to be honest, a human being from the future having future glishes power? I kinda found it a bit too silly, and kinda unforgettable, because nowdays when I think about it, I remember 1st and 3rd but the 2nd? not so much, sadly. (Even I didn't want to buy the especial version of it) 
But I'm glad I played them. =)
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