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Progress Updates

3/04/2014: To invited artists who are still waiting for their copy, extremely sorry if you still have not received any updated about your copy. Miwa can only send 5 books each week right now because she is still taking care of moving places for her new job, so that explains why its being slow right now but she says she will be more free in a couple of weeks. Once Miwa has sent your book, you wil receive an email from her. Very sorry that its taking so long!

Also once again if you want to know more about your order in specific detail please contact :iconmiwaakai: directly for a faster response instead of waiting for me to ask her X)

So as of end of January, all preorders have been shipped out, We've heard that there are still people who haven't received their copies yet but hopefully that will be soon. It should be around up to 3 weeks maximum.
MiwaAkai will continue shipping out normal orders as well as artist copies, the next time she will visit the post office to send out the orders will be on Monday 24th.

:star:Tumblr GIVEAWAY:star:

We've decided to give away one free copy of the Ethereal artbook, shipping included!
All you have to do is reblog this post:…
Winners will be picked on 7th March, and will be contacted via the Tumblr ask inbox, so make sure you have that accessible!

See the book on display

If you haven't purchased the book and would like to see it, I will be having a stall at Perth's Wai-Con on 1st-2nd March, and will have the book on display (I cannot sell them since the stock is actually in Victoria), but you can grab fliers and pass them to your friends, parents, cats and dogs.

My table will located at Table I in this map:

Other fellow artists will be trading at Wai-con as well, so if you'd like to get your books signed by them feel free to visit their tables:

:icone-tane: At Table S, artwork at page 117
:iconcheru3: (AKA Lauren Fletcher): At Table 24, artwork at page 33
:icongoldhedgehog: At Table S, artwork at page 135
:iconry-spirit: At Table O, artwork at page 16

Gotta collect 'em all! :D

For Invited Artists

In case invited artists missed out on the message, you can release your full images now, and you can place your order for your free copies. unfortunately shipping cannot be compensated. please let us know before 1st April or we will have to add those copies to the rest of the stock.

On your artist description, please add the group icon :icon ethereal-artbook: without space, and also please add the pre-order link as well (which is… )

As for your copies, unfortunately we do not have enough to cover shipping costs, so the shipping details are the following:

Within Australia: $3 AUD
Asia: $16 AUD
Rest of the world: $16 AUD

If you would like a copy, please transfer the correct amount via paypal to: if you do not have paypal please contact MiwaAkai

Just a friendly reminder

I have to stress that Miwa has been taking care of payment and shipping by herself, as unfortunately I (Grey) cannot assist in shipping since I live on the other side of the country (literally the furthest end of Australia). so I'd like to kindly remind you to please be forgiving, as she cannot send your orders immediately. As a teenager, Miwa also has other commitments in her life, especially with her new job (congrats!). And please understand that she has been taking out so much time to do this for charity purposes.

Thanks for your feedback and support

But to most of you, thank you very much for your feedback, we definitely appreciate reading all of them being posted on our page. We are glad that most of you are happy with the book!

P.S It has come to my attention that the red kites are not visible in every page, either due to the printing or just simply forgotten. So I will write an answer journal soon, which locates each kite you can find.


You have probably already noticed this, but we have received all shipment of the books from the printing company, and we (MiwaAkai) have started shipping out the preorders! :dance:
Because now this will be pretty much a one-woman job due to a large geographical location between me and Miwa, please understand that not all books have been shipped out all at once, but we can confirm that at least 100 orders have been shipped out this week. You will know if you order has been shipped out your address if you have received an email from Storenvy.

However a lot of the books we have received are damaged, both due to the printing and shipping and we are in the middle of discussing this problem with our printer. There are enough perfect books for preorders, but it means that contributing artists will have to wait again for their copy and we are very sorry for that. We want artists to receive the perfect copies.

Once we are ready Miwa will contact all artists to further discuss the shipping.

Thanks everyone! We're so happy that finally some people will be able to receive the book in their hands. I personally haven't seen the books myself, but Miwa is extremely happy with the printing overall so I hope you can enjoy that as well. We are very looking forward for feedback! :D





:star:Edit 30/12/2013: PRE ORDER IS OVER! Thankyou so much to everyone who pre ordered, we hope to sort out your orders very soon and get them to you asap~

Half the stock is almost gone! Make sure you get a copy !

:star:Edit 09/11/2013: SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE!! Stephanie and i have been supaa busy lately so we've not had much time to finalize the book and send it to printing. Good news! we are currently working on it and tomorrow as well in the hopes that we will be able to send it to print. This means delays, unfortunately we do have lives and study so we have tried our very best to do this as quickly as possible. With luck everything with run smoothly although please note that with shipping to your country Ethereal may not arrive before Christmas. So if you have pre ordered in the hopes of it being a Christmas present please consider Express shipping and feel free to contact me (MiwaAkai) to organize that. So sorry for the delays guys!! we really are working hard!

:star:Edit 19/10/2013: There are actually a total of 98 artists, we are sorry for this minor miscalculation! Size of the book is also 19cm x 23cm
Also if you have Facebook, we've created an event on Facebook which you can find here:…
If you are planning to purchase, please click attend! Or please invite all your friends or share the Facebook event. Thank you!! :D


We are proud to say Ethereal is officially available for Pre Order!
Ethereal Artbook is a beautiful limited edition Charity Art Book featuring some of the most talented Australian and International artists. with 140+ pages of amazing Art by over 100 incredibly talented Artists, We invite you to come on a journey with us and experience Ethereal Charity Art Book in person.
This is the perfect gift for Christmas whether it be for yourself, a loved one or a friend! And a great opportunity to give back and donate to a great cause!

『I'd like to take a moment to say an absolutley HUGE thankyou to every single person involved! Steph, Redkite, the wonderful Artists, the amazing Donors, our Graphic Designer Jason Suhalim, Karen Wall, each and every one of you wonderful watchers!! and of course to my little sister, Kylie for being the inspiration of Ethereal. It brings me to tears but it's incredible to think we're at this point in the project. But it's also the most important stage now, so please purchase an Artbook and tell your friends!! We will be updating with many more photos in the days to come!!
> If you have any questions or querries please ask away! I will be answering all of them as i will handleing all posting and the books themselves. 』
♡ Miwa-chan

▽ Proceeds go to Cancer Charity Redkite.
[ ]



♦Over 140 pages a total of 98 artists participating from all over the world!
♦ 19cm x 23cm
♦ Only $40USD
♦ Pre Order Goodies
♦ Mini Tutorial/walkthrough on digital painting
♦ Softcase bound Book

We will be using Storenvy to process all purchases. Storenvy uses Paypal, but if you are unable to purchase via Paypal you can log in as a "Guest" and pay with a Credit or Debit card.



25th December 2013.

We will be using standard Australian post in padded post bags to send the Artbooks, please note that once it is posted, it is beyond our control and your Artbook could be delayed by customs and various shipping difficulties. Please note this form of shipping does not include a tracking number or any security if you would like to include that or express please contact us!

Ethereal Artbook Cover by GreyRadian PRE ORDER NOW OPEN! Ethereal Artbook Preview by CobraVenom Ethereal artbook preview by tokoco Artbook Preview by teralilac
✪ Preview photo shows draft copy. Actual Print will feature various added materials ✪


Mailing list

NestOfDreams Lady-woods ellegial sukibelle IvoryPeony JanainaArt Twinkstah BlackNoxStar BasketsofPeaches MooniesLove futurewon WandererAtHeart fallen914 kunaineck18 nakushitaichi13 Promisiue-Bear michellescribbles MooniesLove EchizensGirl c-jin actresspdx SlimeyCoffee Jessicutie blarglefargle WashiChiisai AKRine Saruwatari-Mayu HLenaVchan5 GreenAngel5 azerton illustica deviant-confession ManiacSquirrel72 sweetredpeppers SheiaLyn lagoonie Miss-Blueglasses nightmaresky Azareea hollymix Sojubyeong Iiwi Chioyang Dioptasy hikariartista Aurora-Autumn TsukiTsu tutusara penguinonrocks Lunaoverthecow Alislinn Daetsni Grim-away enigmaticworld davvworlds mistresstrista codebamboo Timidemerald bellyjellyellie MysterGlasses Cataki Nozuki Gabbybites Emm924 kou-ichigo hexx36 emuchiya PaintOnFire UrbanPhoenix27 10decades Evimei ChibiChubbz Necro-Romancer Kitedge Clinkorz leinef bluefaie alexis-the-angel Roko-san ToryKasper shayDarcy hetje kirika-bunny MiLk-chai 0navyblue shizukahio4 Endorell-Taelos rainfreezer whiteappleartist rodaka Shaytah codebamboo jahaliel yumeruby LeiteDestiny NaiiBean starmz123 KyouKaraa lithelazure alicenpai EndArtica Dragonfly-666 twilley Smilexdraw Fachuchuu Stalfrost PastelPancake art-lunie Rainbowbutterflygal skydark oORedSkinnyJeansOo @ Knightmoon Fishing-for-Dreams nella-fantasiaa FizziBerry chronosIV burningrage8-13 kyu-mosaicera PastelPolkaDotSky mutch2manga Keeyko KathyTransformer Miso-Shi whysherunningdad Weiyua keep-on-goin VelCake kurii-adopts Oboeteimasuka  Shokoluna vacuum-chan AkaiAgeha Kurolaine reginaoscen Azalane Stalfrost MayonnaiseBottle Kuropple bayergal rengu Alislinn Sojubyeong blackgem203 Little-cuddly-bear

Edit: 24/12/2013
Really sorry for the large amounts of updates, I really hope it's not spamming your inboxes, but we feel we should let you know everything about our progress instead of keeping it quiet.

This is Grey, i'm updating this journal on behalf of Miwa - she is currently very busy right now. Just to clear things up, we both live in different parts of Australia so Miwa is the one in charge of shipment of the books as well as the orders. Unfortunately I (grey) cannot answer your questions about your orders.

Anyway this update will be about the current status of the books and also normal orders

Current Status

"Hey Everyone!

Quick update on the status of the Artbooks!! So i (Miwa) just received a notice in the mail saying the books have arrived at the dock in my city (Melbourne). Which is great news!! Unfortunately i have to report further delays as i was also notified that unpacking the container takes 3 - 4 days (not including holidays~).

Once that is done they will again notify me to come pick the books up, i am hoping they will fit in my car (Its a huge package! it weighs 200+kgs~ O v O). At this point i will not be able to ship any books out until the new years as i'm very busy and it doesn't look like the books will be ready this week anyways. I'm very sorry for all the delays everyone!

There has been a lot more variants than we expected that's for sure, but the book is almost in my hands - which means its one step closer to being in your hands!"

~ Miwa

Normal Orders

As for normal orders, (orders after Pre-order period is finished), you will have to pay additional fees for shipping and handling, but we will drop the book price to $40USD

Shipping information:
Within Australia= +$10USD
International= +$20USD

After 24th Dec free shipping will be expired

Merry Christmas wonderful people and a Happy New Years!!
Love from Miwa and Grey

Edit: 09/12:
Super exiting news~

Printing finished yesterday!! Which means they are they're way to me which should take no more than 2 weeks. I'm way too exited, are you guys exited?


Hello everyone~

Edit: 04/12:
A short update on the process of printing;

I've had quite a few people message me asking where their book is or when it will get to them. At the moment Ethereal is in printing, again this is a lengthy process that we have no control over. Although we have been given an estimate of 4 + weeks. At this stage i highly doubt they will reach me before Christmas~

Please remember that the books have to be sent to me and then i still have to send them all out (i am located in Australia). We can offer you the option of Express shipping although this does not guarantee they will be ready in time. If you are interested then please message myself (MiwaAkai) with your order number, email and name so that i am able to arrange that for you~ please note we do not cover express shipping.

On a positive note! We have sold almost 50% of our stock! So if you havn't already please pre order to make sure you have a copy before they sell out!~

Hello everyone~
Pre orders are well underway and i am so exited and happy that they are doing so well! Please spread the word and tell all your friends about Ethereal, our aim is so sell out and raise as much for Redkite as possible.

Sidenote; the progress as far is the books are in printing and we are now waiting for it to be completed at this point we estimate at least another 4weeks although that could be made longer depending on our printer~ In any case we will keep everyone posted and make sure you know whats happening!
So please keep pre ordering! We will post up when normal orders will start but at this point we estimate December sometime. Please note that the book is unlikely to arrive in time to Christmas due to both the shipping from the printing company to us and then from us to you. If you wish to pay Express shipping please send me (MiwaAkai) a PM and i can arrange that for you - please note we do not cover Express shipping.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and we will answer as soon as we can! : D
- Miwa

NOTE TO ARTISTS: Please do not upload your full pieces yet. We will notify you as soon as we give you the permission to do so

ORDER NOW!! ~Pre Order Over~


:star:Edit 30/12/2013: PRE ORDER IS OVER! Thankyou so much to everyone who pre ordered, we hope to sort out your orders very soon and get them to you asap~
Half the stock is almost gone! Make sure you get a copy !
:star:Edit 09/11/2013: SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE!! Stephanie and i have been supaa busy lately so we've not had much time to finalize the book and send it to printing. Good news! we are currently working on it and tomorrow as well in the hopes that we will be able to send it to print. This

Our Charity, Redkite

In early March of 2011 my sister was diagnosed with Leukemia and admitted to the Royal Children's hospital in Melbourne for what would prove to a very long and painful journey. That year was the hardest year of my life, i can't even begin to imagine what she was going through but through all the pain our family had some relief, this relief came in the form of Redkite. When my sister was undergoing treatment my parents would take turns staying in hospital whilst i would be at home studying. It was very tough, my parents could barely work and whats worse all the materials for school where expensive and used up fast. The Social worker who represented RedKite at the RCH's name is Xuan, she helped us with everything. Not only financially but also with her big heart, i find it very hard to open up but when i felt like breaking down she was always just a phone call away.

A year and a half later my sister passed away, but Redkite hasn't forgotten about my family. During my sisters last days Xuan organised necklaces with my sisters name engraved into them for me and my mother. They may only be necklaces but for us it meant the world, i always want to thank Redkite and Xuan for all the love and compassion they've treated my family with.

I think alot of people misintepret charities, especially charities dealing with cancer or cancer patients. Redkite isn't a charity that researches for a cure, they don't grant wishes and send sick children to Disney world, they do much more than that. They actually help the families when we need them most. The misconception with research cancer charities is that the money only goes to research, and i'll be truthful most of the things discovered in those laboratories are either swept under the carpet or wont be used on cancer patients for 10+ years while they're tested by the goverment. I don't support those foundations nor do i endorse any support in them, why? because there are many many many things they don't share with the general public, and donors alike and many alternative treatments to Chemo therapy and Radio therapy that are simply disregarded. Moreso, they fail to help those suffering from Cancer at present moment and ignore their needs.

Raising money for charity
The cost of printing an art book is expensive and so we will be covering basic printing costs, the rest will go directly to Redkite for the families of patients suffering cancer treatments to cherrish. In reality it's not much made per book but on a larger scale we're able to make a difference! So spread the word and get everyone involved!



Q: Why don't you donate to the Leukemia or Starlight Foundation since their more known?
This charity art book was inspired by my sister, she always did so much for the world and i'd like to give a little back to those who helped her and my family and all the other families and sick children in the RCH. When she was ill the Leukemia Foundation blew us off, we booked a day to have her in melbourne in one of their housing facilities and they cancelled on the day and told us to use the Ronald McDonald house (which might i add is not free as most think it is). The Starlight foundation i feel, neglects the wishes of terminal children and smaller wishes in general, they tend to over concentrate their efforts in the Disney Land dream when there are some dreams that can be fulfilled within our own country. I believe in supporting the children directly before supporting charities and foundations that are already heavily funded by the government.

:new: Q: Storenvy has asked me to confirm you have shipped the Artbook to me?
Please ignore this automated email via Storenvy, because we have had Pre Order for more than a month, Storenvy automatically assumes it's been shipped and on its way to you. This is not the case. Please wait for a notification and status change of your order titled "Shipped". We will notify you via DeviantART also.~

:new: Q: Do you ship to _______ for free?
Yes! Shipping for all Pre orders is free worldwide~

:new: Q: If i have Pre Ordered can i request prints i would like for Goodies?
Yes you can, please only select one artwork and PM Miwa with your order name and email plus the selected artist.

:new: Q: How long will Pre Order last?
Pre order will end December 25th! Get in Quick~

:new: Q: Can i order even if i do not have Paypal?
Yes, you can purchase as a "Guest", although if you experience problems please PM Miwa and we can arrange some other form of payment.

:new: Q: What are the Pre Order goodies?
The Pre Order goodies are various prints and suprises (shh we dont want to spoil it!)

:new: Q: Can I contribute to the next edition of the book<b?
No sorry. there are no plans for a next edition. Future projects will most likely be independent from Ethereal and we will not be taking 'artist spot reservations'

Q: Have I been invited as a guest artist?
A lot people are getting confused over our contest invites. We invited our guest artists over notes, so if you ave received a group invitation, it just means we are promoting our contest and asking you to join. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Q: Is this project only open for Australian artists?
No! We have invited a selected few international artists and our art contest is open worldwide. We are just primarily featuring Australian artists and also giving them a chance to showcase their work while also doing a good deed.

Q: Will contributing artists get a free copy?
Yes! All contributing artists will get their own free copy, the only thing we ask is for all artists to cover the shipping costs.

Q: How many drawings can i draw for the ArtBook?
Currently we are only allowing one piece per artist, but if we have any more pages (which is likely) you can pick another colour that is still open.
With that said if you do more than one the second and thereafter the second need to be limited to the dimensions of one page. Double pages are limited. If this happens we will update the journal to let you know!

Q: Do i have to let the group know if i want a double page?
We don't mind if you don't let us know up front but in the sketch stages when you send us your first sketch please note that you will need to let us know as double pages are limited and in high demand. You are more likely to get a double page if you do more than one drawing for the ArtBook.

Q: Can I pick (so and so) colour?
Unless you are an invited artist, the answer is no. Those spots are reserved and not available for the public.
For the contest, you do not need to tell/ask us which colour you want as spots for contest entries are unlimited.

If you are an invited artist please note us regarding which colour you would like to take :)

Q: Why do i have to sign the copyright contract?
As per our request we will be asking all participating artists to sign copyright contracts in which all details of our artbook will be discussed. This protects both the Artists and the Founders of Ethereal from legal issues and outlines your rights as the Artist. This is a legal binding contract but as stated in 8.1 (Termination Agreement) if an artist is unable to finish their contribution to Ethereal we will terminate the contract. We don't pertain any copyright over your artworks this is something we really would like to stress- we simply want to make sure that Artists understand that by contributing they are alowing us to sell Ethereal both in print and in various materials to raise money for Red Kite Foundation.
Copyright Contract: Download here

Q: Can my Art Work include text?
Yes! Text is allowed in natural occurances for example books, street signs, posters, etc. We also welcome text if it is part of the background, but if your text overlaps or obscures the Art Work then please refrain from including it. This also reffers to graphic textures instead of landscape backgrounds.

Q: Can my Art Work be a detailed potrait or does it have to be a landscape?
Just as long as you are clearly reflecting the theme (Our Earth) then a detailed potrait is fine, please be mindful of a white background though and make sure that it is made up of at least two colours, which can be of the same shade.

Q: What is the 'red kite' that you are asking for to be in our submission?
We are asking for a kite to be drawn, that is red. Something like this:…
(I had no idea a lot of people could easily misinterpret a 'red kite' especially within this context)

Q: How do I donate to this group?
If you would like to donate prizes please send a note to this group or either GreyRadian or MiwaAkai
Point donations are also collected through GreyRadian and MiwaAkai.
For point donations, we are only accepting the minimum of 50:points: if you would like your name to be included in the book. it is also important to send a note or mention in your donation that you would like to donate your points for the Ethereal Art book project.

For any questions or concerns, please send a note to this group (Ethereal-artbook)