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Storenvy Now Open! 4 GUARANTEED spots in the book!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 17, 2013, 4:05 AM

due to an awesome response we wanted to add a few more so more people have an opportunity to join and donate!
Please note if you purchase the Artist spot that you will need to pay for shipping of your book hence the shipping options.
We do not cover shipping.

The Ethereal Artbook Storenvy is now Open!

You can now purchase pre order goodies with donations of $5 - $15!! If you'd like to make a larger donation then please message us and we can put up a custom donation slot for you~ Please note nothing will be sent out until Pre order finishes.

About The Artist Spot:
If you'd like a secure chance to be a published Artist in Ethereal this is for you! For a $200 donation you will be one of our artists guaranteed plus get a limited edition copy of the Art book!

No portfolio reviewing required, only first come first serve basis!

★ Your Artwork must follow the Submission Guidline (
★ You must be able to sign our Copyright Contract (…)
★ This is NOT refundable, you must complete your Artwork by the stated deadline.
★ One spot from Green, Blue, Yellow and Red are available so colour selection is also first come first serve. Currently all colours are available
★ If you have already entered the contest, you can grab a spot to get your contest entry guaranteed into the book, but it will be exempt from judging and disqualified from the contest

Updates: Nominations Closed and Draft reviewing

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 5, 2013, 6:44 PM

June 6th Final group of artists have been confirmed! Thank you for accepting our invitations.

So that closes our artist recruitment. Please continue to enter our art contest!
We are very happy and excited to have such a talented group of people to help us with this wonderful cause!

We hope that none of the artists end up dropping out or adding another extension (I'm sure a lot of you are really excited for this book), so to help prevent this from happening I will be sending each artist a note/email at the end of this month to ask what your status is on the project, or you can send me your drafts on the 31st June. But if you don't want to that's fine, just please reply back with the current status of your submission. It's fine if you haven't done anything by then as the note will just act as a friendly reminder. We don't want artists dropping out because this project escaped their minds ^^; We would really love to receive a submission from every artist listed.

Also our Store Envy shop will be opened soon! You can purchase some of our goodies before the book is released (but you will get the items after the book is released). We would appreciate any donation to help bring this book to life!


May 30th I will close off the nominations now. All invites have been sent out and just waiting for the acceptance of the remaining four spots. Accepted self-nominations have been contacted back. Thank you for all your nominations and your assistance in this process :)

I will update the journal once again to introduce the new cast once all the artists have been selected.


May 23rd We're SUPER excited to announce that the following artists will now contribute to the art book!


And from Tumblr:

Hazya  Lechuza

We are so happy to have these artist contribute to this project, what an amazing cast of artists if I do say so myself :P Please check out their galleries if you are not familiar with them yet!

Currently this gives us a total of 89 artists, so we need 10 more artists, hopefully we can fill up all spots by the end of of the month to avoid losing time for the new artists. But also with only 10 spots left I will be extra cautious with choosing the artists :)

:star::star::star: If you have any nominations please send me ( GreyRadian ) a note!:star::star::star:

PLEASE when nominating, list at least 5 artists including yourself if you wish. (and if you know any Australian artists, I would be very grateful :D )

For nominations, we prefer to invite artists who haven't been recently or currently featured in other charity artbooks within this year, to give other artists a chance.

Sorry to say that those who have sent me a self-nomination prior to this journal update, have not been accepted (unless you have received a reply from me) so please don't send me another note unless you wish to nominate a different set of artists.

And I must clarify that no-body has been 'automatically rejected' due to the number of nominations they sent in. The nominations are to help me make this process faster of finding artists


May 16th Thanks for those who sent me a note filled with amazing nominations, however I couldn't reply to everyone but please welcome our new artists:


Yes, there are 15 artists here instead of the original ten, but that's the good news! Because we really want to give you the best possible in exchange for some donations to the Red Kite charity foundation, we've decided to now gather 100 artists to contribute to this project! Which means 35 spots are left + 4 winners :D

Sincerely sorry about this mid-way decision, but I'm sure this will be the best for all of us especially since we figured our that having 100+ pages will still fit our budget. This does mean that we will be extending the deadline yet again to the 31th of August, to be fair for artists who have been invited later.

Unfortunately there is no reason to extend the contest deadline, so the deadline for the contest remains 10th July


May 12th (Re-written entry) Due to a couple of artists dropping out we had to invite new artists to fill in these spots. Please welcome our new artists:

We've decided to expand the book to 60 pages! That means we have 10 more spots open! So please send me a minimum of 5 artists you'd like to see in this book!

An update for international invited artists: more spots have been added to each colour so now there are still spots open in all categories (apart from dual-colours), so if I've previously told you that BLUE is unavailable, you can switch if you want :D

Colour listing here:…

Please continue to enter the contest as entries will be judged only on that one entry rather than your entire gallery!

Entry examples

Journal Entry: Sat May 11, 2013, 1:52 AM

Edit: Added more examples to clarify that subject matter DOES NOT have to be nature related; could be about culture, people's hobbies, lifestyle. Doesn't have to be natural landscapes!(scroll to bottom please)

We won't be strict about the colour of the characters, objects, but the overall picture must give off the impression of the colour you have chosen. In fact, we encourage you to experiment with colours, exploring the depth of toning and lighting using different kinds of colour!

Here are some examples of what kind of artworks we are looking for in terms of colour composition and quality:


YUKI Album cover by sayuko Best Friend by ethe Ancient kingdom by loxsiana untitled by Gopye Pixiv Fantasia NW: Levon's Home by LuluSeason:thumb201031812: Hedgehog's lair =) by mary-petroff


In the night by Ellsat Chase that Butterfly by SakuraKitt Gift for M-I-K-I-I by emperpep banyan tree by mifii After bathing by arsenixc flood . by megatruh


Forever Deep by skyfinder:thumb340861424: Commission for Synchronizing by weewill Polar circles by Yaphleen Spirit of the Forest by yanadhyana cloud by squirnail swans by Gopye Night talk by arsenixc MEMORY by Cushart Ocean Breeze by Jowa Yumei by NuX Play me a serenade of clouds by Kei-Niji Relay by muse33


autumn koi by hibbary:thumb135445274: Midday Sun by MinnaSundberg last song by ShuShuhome Girl and Pegasus by RHADS:thumb282144572:

Yellow or Orange

Tiger - Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Death Lilly by Razor-Sensei Fire... by JURIJ-ZITEK Clubroom by StudioQube TigerLily by Toonikun Chester's World by DigitalOme


The auttum lake by alex-tuan Sv 2013 by Narurinya for a kiss by fylus leaders house sunset by arsenixc:thumb277396399:

Red or Pink

Niraikanai by myhilary Spring Heart by laverinne:thumb299645937: Borderline of Morning Glow by iHateBubble-Tea Deer by Yaphleen Madam Butterfly by bluefeathers SV:Miss-Etoile by genki-de:thumb356037330::thumb348788001: Tsui by naturaljuice Painting girl by h6x6h Fortune of the night GongZhu by LuluSeason about a new place - project by agnes-cecile

Examples regarding subject matter

We'd like to emphasis that our theme doesn't necessarily have to reflect NATURE, but can also anything that exists on our Earth including CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY, HOBBIES, FESTIVALS (including christmas, birthdays, easter, valentines day etc.)

Simply a portrait of a human is fine! (but it's up to you to make it unique)
Here are some examples regarding the subject matter that is allowed, if you are not comfortable with drawing natural landscapes etc:

Seri Seri by kidchan RG10-Magi by terrie923 Silent Oracle by MattDixon prayer by Daenarys:thumb357825643: Commercial illustration by INstockee:thumb361058186: Sunshine special artwork by Naschi Wandering Across A Borrowed Belief by mynameistran .Secret Santa: Under heavens. by Hetiru [Homework] ROSE WALTZ by loxsiana Lepidoptera by PureAZN breath by syh3iua83 Melodic Game by chamooi Fruit by MABLEX Pink motorcycle by Bowkl Dreaming dreamers by Xsaye Legacy II by jonathanvair Pepper Summer by Artgerm Flowers by AkiraYumi Lilly by softmode Monter Cover by m-o-th Witch's painting by Ellsat Original by sloyuna Commission: Hallyu by irisieren 5405 by Virus-AC Happy Halloween 2011 by roosarea library by ddal84 character design 5 by AkiZone

All of these examples (listed in the journal) are acceptable, even in terms of subject matter. Hope this is enough examples.

Colour Selection (LISTED ARTISTS ONLY)

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 5:33 AM

*** This journal is for LISTED ARTISTS ONLY***

Invited contributing artists (aka if your name is listed on this journal) please send a note to the group stating which category you would like to take ASAP (First come first serve).

The only way for other people to contribute your artwork to this book at the moment is by entering our contest:…

Australian artists:





Yellow (Orange also accepted)


Red (Pink also accepted)


International artists:

Red (Pink also accepted)


Yellow (Orange also accepted)





Please do not ask about acquiring a colour from this list unless your name is already posted on this journal. For public submissions please visit this page:…

Contest entrants DO NOT need to tell us what colour they plan to enter.