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Because I managed to meet MiwaAkai in Melbourne, I managed to bring a limited number of copies with me to Perth! Because I'm working as a freelance artist, I have more time at home where I can deal with sending out the books. For now you can purchase one book here at just $35!…

(My store is currently offering free Sailor Moon Holographic bookmarks with purchases over $12, but this artbook is excluded from that special.)
Hey guys! Sorry for the long silence! :iconmiwaakai: has been extremely busy for the past few months and because of that, unfortunately not all copies have been sold out yet; there's a few remaining! And thus, Miwa and I are joining forces and will appear at Melbourne Supanova next weekend!

NAME: GreyRadian and HoneyBlood
:star:TABLE A164:star:

And since some of the guest artists of the book will be having their own stalls as well, why not bring along your own copy and try grab a signature from them!
It's been a while since you've heard from us! So I want to give a little update that we have indeed donated some money to Redkite charity! However I have not yet received official confirmation or anymore details from Miwa yet as she has been extremely busy so I will leave it at that.
The online store has also been temporarily closed due to Miwa's wellbeing; it's best to not get the orders all stacked up, and she will open the store again once she's feeling ready.

Also a lot of artists copies haven't been received apparently and i'm very surprised... All artists should have their copies by now (those who have paid for shipping). I hope everyone has already received theirs, but if not please send a message to , and if not reply please dA inbox me (I check my deviantart every day)

Hope you're all doing well in the meantime,
We just have listed Ethereal Charity Artbook copies with a HUGE 38% discount! These copies are mildly damaged from the shipping, but this is a great opportunity for those who couldn't afford the full price and would love to own a copy, and we do appreciate any donation towards Redkite cancer foundation…

Also thank you to everyone for the continued support! We are glad to say that all artists who wanted the free copy, have been sent out! If you haven't received your copy yet hopefully it will arrive soon but if it hasn't arrived in a week please let us know!

Quick Update

15/04/2014: This will be very quick, i don't have much time to type > . <
My life has considerably changed in the last few months this means my time for Ethereal is very limited. I do not have internet. the only access i have is at work which is difficult for me to use to update and message you. Please note inboxing me on DA will probably take me months to get back to you as i barely check it.

Email is the best way to contact me as i check it weekly;
With that said orders have been delayed and this is my fault. I have not been coping very well and admit most faults are to my hand. But i have debated updating this to you but i feel it is important to know. We had major issues with my (old) local post office. Basically they cancelled my P.O. box without notice and kept packages without notifying me they had not been sent out. I have reported the staff member that has behaved inappropriately and unprofessionally in the hope she will be dealt with properly. I have now retrieved the packages that where not sent and will contact the particular people this has affected.

With that said if you haven't received your order by the end of this month PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP.
I will be away in June and I'd like to sort everyone's orders out before then. Please note the new order shipment day is Thursday. Today i have sent out a batch and will update your orders as 'sent' on Storenvy. So please look out for that!!
Please orders will not be sent between June 1st - 18th, they will return to normal on the 19th.

I'm happy to say where on track to selling out!! A little push and we will sell out in 2014!!