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widescreen pack 4

packed fresh for the widescreener people.
© 2006 - 2021 ether
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This is a very good one i love how there is different resolutions and multiple pictures that suit what im looking for they are really and truley beautiful i love the blur effect on some of them they will be perfect for my desktop background! I would very much enjoy it if you would be nice and had the pleasure of posting more things like this they are very nice. Next time i think you should put some clocks on them or some of those things that people look for to add detail to it then you could just include where you got the clock in the description! anyway i love the art.
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Phenomenal. Favorited, and I'll be looking to you from now on for my wallpaper needs. Consistently great, visually striking work.
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thank you!! :D
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thank you!! :D :D
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Your wallpapers are among my personal favourites; thank you for sharing these with the world!
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aww thanks! :D :D
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Uhm, not to sound ignorant, but how do you use these? :)
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download the zip file, unzip, and drag the files in the unzipped folders on your local hard drive. then right-click on any of the pics and choose "Set as desktop".

that's if you're using a pc. i don't know what the procedure is for setting up wallpapers on a mac... :)
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i ike it ,thank you
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great!i love it。
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got to get them
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very very nice :)
i found my new wallpaper... Thanks ! Nice work...!
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Thanx a lot!
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