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widescreen pack 16

because knowing is half the battle.
just half, not the whole thing.
not even kinda sorta 7/10ths.
only exactly 50%.
so there.

© 2009 - 2021 ether
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Amazing, thanks for sharing!

italo11's avatar
thanks for sharing..... :DHug 
GAZAMDA's avatar
Some great imagery! Thank you for sharing and the work!
Kveldsvanger's avatar
thanks for sharing..... :D

more please :P
Akamx's avatar
nice collection of wallpapers, thanks.
Asamai's avatar
etremely cool.
Gerard19's avatar
Awesome :)
limping-bipolar-bear's avatar
Thanks for the widescreen version of your walls.
78x29's avatar
Mind = blown.
ether's avatar
i got glue! pull it back together man!!
Keep up these wallpaper packs! It's the only wallpapers I use and ever need =)
ether's avatar
aw man, thanks for the props. :D
Armand666's avatar
Thanks man for this wallpaper pack, your works are great :) I used them to my desktop backround.
Nokadota's avatar
Awesome as usual Ether.

Beastage's avatar
This is just win , love them!
Yolik's avatar
Congratulations! Release! :party:
kowic's avatar
wish I had widescreen ;)
ether's avatar
i still don't have a widescreen monitor either. it'd be weird when i finally switch...been 1600x1200 for so long now...
kowic's avatar
I, personally, consider you a queen of 4x3 aspect ratio :)
PoulNyrup's avatar
Beautiful work (as per usual)... :D
THEvalrog's avatar
this are some great wall!!
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