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skippin' skool

By ether
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better than snoozin' in class.
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Thank you ether for this photo... As all linux user i love custom my desktop... I change wall some times but at the end it's always this picture who is on my desktop... You're a very good photographer. 

( Sorry for my english i'am french )
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your english is totally fine. :) thanks for the love!!!
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Lovely picture! Thanks for sharing :wave:
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Exelente combinación de colores, muy bonito, thanks for share ^^.
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I love the colours in this. just awesome.
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awesome :D
reminds of candy for some reason...
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Excellent... could be abstract, but then nature comes in... excellent compo !
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i noticed just now, minute ago when i sent you a last email, that i had some of your pictures for a wallpaper for a long time ...

im kinda opsesed by your works :D heheh

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this photo was an excellent reason to skip class. it's fantastic.
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beautiful! love the colors, love the lines and form! quite a beauty!
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The colors are amazing...great work! :D
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youare great !!!
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This totally reminds me of laying on my back at my campus back in the day...ah lovely avoidance therapy!
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tis small ;) very nice, however. reminds me of, like, a fortune cookie. don't ask me why. lol.
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oopths. download size fixed. :)
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like "mehwadwazdat?"
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Ooo. The colors look so...beautiful. I love the way the tree looks.
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lol why would u ever sleep in a class u pay to learn for?
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cuz, good lord, accounting is boring. useful, but so so dull! so skipped class for a day. :)
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lol aww cmon, accounting is the most exciting career ever. what r u talking bout? :P
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