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christmas 2005

By ether
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my christmas card image thingie for last year.

and yieah so what if christmas was four months ago? it took that long for bryce to finish rendering this lame thing in the larger resolution..complete with computer crashes in between. ugh. this is the last image i'm ever gonna render in bryce 3d. ever.
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As a card crafter myself i think this is awesome and would gladly use it to make cards keep up the good work
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thank you!!
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Bryce is well.. ugh. I personally hate bryce.
Although this did turn out pretty nice, got a euphoric sense to it. :nod:

Maybe some day i'll show ya how to use max or maya. :shrug:
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original render was boring...ran it through photoshop of course. :)
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Of course. =P
Always doing your "studying". At least when you study it comes out nice. ;)
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:aww: who says christmas can't be everyday?
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good point. :) :) :)
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LOL! Merry Xmas! :D
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happy holidays yieah! :D
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Awesome! Time to build yourself a render farm :nod:
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You could start small, maybe a four-node cluster, and build up from there. :)
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a setup like pixar's, with a hundred machines dedicated to rendering, yieah that'd be nice... ;)
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i used bryce once, i wasn't very good at it :P this is pretty cool..
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thanks! :) i was being rather lazy with this image so didn't refine it as much as i could have...
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