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Pretty much everything in my gallery is based upon MLP:FiM by Lauren Faust, so thank her and the animation team for everything. All the embroidery designs are up on my blog for free download, and can be used for making your own embroidered stuff. The designs may NOT be included in any embroidery collections, or hosted somewhere else without my permission.

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I do comissions too.
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These are the embroidery machines I currently have:
One of these: Brother 6800PRW Cost $350
One of these: Brother PE770 Cost $700
One of these: Brother ULT 2001 Cost $2.8k
One of these: Butterfly B1501B/T Cost $10k with accessories

Machines I used to have:
Brother PE770 Cost $700 (had 4, sold 3 when got 15 needle machine)
Brother SE400 Cost $350 (dropped down flight of stairs. RIP)
Singer CE-250 Cost $625 (crap machine)
Singer XL-550 Cost $1k (crap machine)
Singer XL-400 Cost $800 (crap machine. I'm seeing a pattern)
Janome 9700 cost $2k (good machine but expensive)
Husqvarna Topaz 50 Cost $3.1k (good machine but expensive)

I recommend either the 6800PRW or the SE400 for folks starting out. They are exactly the same besides the model number, stickers and the carry cart that only comes with the 6800PRW. They can do embroidery and regular sewing, and do both very well. I have had more than a dozen different machines by different manufacturers, and I like these the best. DO NOT BUY the Singer machines. They are horrible embroidery machines, and Singer customer service is even worse. Singer used to be totally awesome, I am very disappointed in their new products and service.

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Are you still out there?

Excuse me I bought a twilight sparkle hat and it has been months since I bought it so where is it? I already emailed you before
Hi there! i met you at brony con this year! glad i found your DA ^^
I ordered some shining armor patches from your store about 2 weeks ago, wondering if theres any update cause I need them in time for bronycon for my shining armor cosplay. Got them from your ecrater store.
Hi! I wanted to first say I love your designs.

I just bought an embroidery machine and it has been a lot of fun so far. I saw above that you said you have some digital designs on your website but I haven't seen any. Are those no longer available? I see the eyes on etsy which I am planning on purchasing, but haven't seen any full pony designs. Thanks!
Thank you :)  I actually took the designs down because some people were being poopieheads and selling the stuff they made with the free designs I made without asking, or passing the work off as their own.  If you are making stuff for your self or to give as gifts, shoot me an email at with what you are looking for.

If you are looking to resell things you make with the designs (plushies, scarves, hats, clothes, etc), I do have a set of about a hundred eyes and a hundred character's cutie marks here:… I do not allow reselling of the actual embroidery files themselves, but for these two sets, you are welcome to sell anything you make.

If you are looking to sell something that needs a design besides eyes or cutie marks, shoot me an email and we can chat about it.  I'm usually okay with that as long as I understand what's going on with them and you're not looking to directly compete by making patches.  For example, if you want to embroider Celestia on a towel and sell that at cons or online, I would be totally okay with that.
Hey there! Hope youre doing ok :) Any plans to release an updated version of your eyes and cutie marks with the new characters from this season? I was hoping to have them for Bronycon next month.