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Unusual Breeds of Cat

Did this for gaia.
for more cat sketches go to
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ah.. my latest cat was a ragdoll :)
I miss her

She was a lynx point flame point ragdoll
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This is so cuteee!!!
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I have 2 Ragdoll cats. They're my precious babies.

These are so adorable!
WolfCrestSox5X's avatar
My grandparents have possibly partially Ragdoll cats; those things really do flop around in your arms like a Ragdoll!

This is very cute! I love the simplicity about it, but you still took the time to shade them and make them look slightly hairy! Very wonderful job!
SummerGirl003's avatar
I had one, but it had a siamese face and had short hair.
wolfygirl9's avatar
I love the corinsh rex!
genesta1's avatar
The exotic shorthair OMG. So adorable. Any possibly way I could buy it from you? Maybe an art trade?
DaniR16's avatar
so cute!!!! :O
MiniSunshine7's avatar
Awwww! I have a ragdoll c:
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BrittyDee's avatar
I never see art of American Curls!! You made such a cute one too :love: I have a brown patch tabby American Curl named Mitzi in real life and she's such a little comedian :XD: I think I've seen your stuff on etsy before, I believe I have a few of them favorited for future reference, like the schnauzer pillow :D
AskStrelkaFoxThing's avatar
One of my OCs is a Cornish rex
KirstyCarter's avatar
oooooooooooh my gawd ;-;
ever heard of a munchkin cat?
sophisticait's avatar
I had a ragdoll and she was the sweetest most beautiful cat I've ever met. Such a little Mama kitty, loved to take care of everyone. She would always break up fights between the other cats and was a great comfort when I was sad. Loved her and her gorgeous blue eyes so much. I miss my Tasha!
kitten226's avatar
Did she pass away? That would be so sad. :(
sophisticait's avatar
She did, but she lived a very long and happy life. She was 20 years old when she passed.
KittyChristineBlu's avatar
So cute. My favorite cat breed is the Korat though.
Wolfhowl2090's avatar
I want a Ragdoll ;-;
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Awwwww so cute ;w;
SeeingRavens's avatar
Neko Nook!~
Great job, they look so cute<3.
They look even cuter (Idk why) on Gaia
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