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Desserts and Bunnieh!!
Monthly concept art I did for Gaia. I post the rest of my other concepts at
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nut's one is cute
EveeLover's avatar
squeeee. I love the raspberry one
NekuPOWER's avatar
Absolutely cute!
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Lovely lovely artwork!! :heart:
EduardaPacheco's avatar
Omg!!! muito kawaii!! *O*
Eliza-1985's avatar
OMG!!! You work for Gaiaonline?! Awesomeness!!! I saw this and I was like ' hMM~ looks familiar. I didn't even see the name underneath when I finally recognized it. This is super cute!!

Toarnaa in Gaiaonline.
nairesmoon's avatar
 so adorable! *wants to nom*
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They're all so adorable and looks delicious! :heart: I really want to try the one on the left. =D
SorbetBerry's avatar
CUTE!!! omygash<33
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They're so darn cute! I like how the rabbits match the desserts they're on top of.
pirouette-skies's avatar
I KNEW it! When I logged onto Gaia I thought it was your art. Everything you do is just so adorable.
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too cutee!! do you also make the gaia's new background?
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hello~ im here to ask if it's possible to put these concept arts in the art thread for budding bistro in gaia's forum? ; w ;
if not it's understandable! thank you~

this is the thread btw…

currently empty in all the arts. OTL
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sure thing >o< thank you!
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thank you >w<
these items and art are gorgeous, just to tell you ; 3 ;
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waaah you did these?! I'm so excited they are so cute! I was so pleasantly surprised by the new cute theme on gaia XD
TheTigeressWithin's avatar
This is adorable! I love how the bunnies match the desserts they're sitting on.
Sparki25's avatar
Away that's cute ^^
lorenavldz09's avatar
So cute~ it make me thinks of Easter :iconeaster-plz:
ClefairyKid's avatar
I'm just LOVING the new site theme >W<
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