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Elephant who likes Eggplant

An illustration if I were to make an alphabetical book.
"E is for an Elephant who likes to collect Eggplants"

lol of course I just have to stick a little owl to help out tee hee
Medium: photoshop cs3 + intuos3
I posted the work in progress on my blog: [link]

have a good weekend everyone. :hug: :heart:
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Hmm, well this is certainly something newsurprise 
You've resurfaced my interest in Dumbo emoticons nice 
The eggplant the owl is carrying looks pretty heavy.
I like the mushrooms.
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So cute!!!! Congratulations!
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WOW, YOU ARE CRAZY TALENTED!Kissu Lick :e-multi-con: <i wytiwyg="1" don't="" know="" what="" i'm="" feeling="" right="" now<da:emoticon="" profile="deviation" id="101092251"><im so excited for your accomplishment> :flowerboogie: STITCH TRISTE <why can't i be as talented as you?</i>
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such a cute elephant
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This is amazing :)
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Exceptional work. You've gone above & beyond to achieve a successful piece, GREAT work!
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That is so cute! :D
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This is really cute.
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How could you not love this pic... awesome!!
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oh my gosh i love this
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Awwww so cute!!
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Your amazing work has been feature on my journal --> [link]
I hope you doesn't mind
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this is amazing! I love these colors!
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this is so adorable!!
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This makes me smile a lot! :)
little-posh-wolfgirl's avatar
He is soooooo cute! I love the little owly-bird who's helping him! The elephant's pose is just adorable!!! If you make an alphabetical book, please let me know!!! :)
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Cute beyond words :aww:
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