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Make sure to Comb-well hehe…
Hello everyone I have made a Gryphon list for this month:…

Featured Artists:…

Artists Featured:
:iconivanlaliashvili::iconbri-in-the-sky::iconsnowviolet29::iconpand-ass::icontheazimuth::iconshemychan::icondalfaart::iconrubyfeather:… (If your interested)

I really need more bloggers and artists that would like to proactively post articles or work on my site :I…

If anyone has any ideas for a new list I should compile on drakeal let me know.
to me it sounds like a third reprise of a song...well more like hundredth variant.

I come into a position again where the choice I made out of kindness and thinking "Maybe he gotten better than last time.." which turned out that I have to constantly remind myself that I had a bad feeling about moving down to arizona and now all I want is to move out.

This isn't my first time ranting about my brother and honestly it might not be the last... but mainly since I make less than 250 USD a month now (no joke that is what I make for the work I do..) Video Editing/Making, Social media assistance, Website Management, Server management... recently my workload has dropped but my pay is the same... Now this money I don't receive directly but it goes into bills as far as I know...

Now, I had 3 friends out of hundreds of contacts I have that I have talked about this... they are talking with others to help me out. I HATE HATE HATE!!! asking for money and I am sick and tired of dealing with people that are annoyed I received money by friends. When I do accept I go on this roller coaster thinking "money could have helped cancer research, or helped giving hungry children food." I had one friend come up to me is said "The reason I gave you money as a gift, because I know you... I trust you, and I hope you continue to do more work with alicornradio. You shouldn't beat yourself up about it but its good to know that you have a deep connection with others. I am able to give you this small amount but it should help you in some way... to relax you... get something to eat that you like... see a movie... maybe invest in stock and you might make it big. Just don't give up..." 

That was the kindest thing I ever read on skype and did help me out... I will always still feel indebted to those that are kind and nice to me... I will always worry what I can do in return.. but I can't and it feels like I am pushing myself into a corner and pouting

I am trying to save up money that I get from friends but I keep a strict spending limit to reduce the chance of dropping below the amount I need for getting out of arizona or phoenix area and move into my own place.

Just recently we finally received a lease for a place my brother found... the lease gave ALL THE POWER to the owner and was able to in fact charge money to us if something was wrong and they deemed it as such. Now I am in a dash for a place to look for when I don't want to live with my brother any longer... but moving out to another state isn't cheap... My father has to move to Navada and get his divorce done which will take at least 6 weeks yet he has Physical Therapy to do here in phoenix... If we stay together I fear I will lose it... If I get a job (and I am seeking and applying for work when I can) this will place more stress on my father whom already hates that he needs my help because in his eyes he feels like a burdening me with his requests... and they do infact get annoying but I do them anyway. Even if I didn't have a issue he keeps telling me how much pain he wished I could take from him so he can walk again.

It places more stress on me that I don't need with the need for a higher income and the voice screaming in my head to move out. I don't want to just disappear and cause more issues, I want to leave in a mutually positive way.
My site is still looking for writers to make articles of topics about the world, games, products and topics... Reviewing and such...……

Today, 5/25/2014 11:25 am

Hello every brony and pegasister, I am in Dire need of assistance and require help as this issue has gotten worse and worse… It almost hit its climax and I am scared to say that my father and I are currently in a major problem that placed us in hard place to get out of.

My Brother asked me to make him french toast because he claims he can’t cook and will order out since he doesn’t til I moved in with him. My brother then procceeded to hit me on the shoulder I asked him to stop, he continued… then I told him to stop hitting me I am currently doing what he asked he didn’t need to hit me… then said,”THAT ISN’T HITING THIS IS HITING!” then punched me in the back very hard… I didn’t try to prevoke him and then my father got involved. “WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING HIM!” was his response to him.. When I was just being kind and nice this many months.

I am forgetful and ignorant but this is things my brother insults me and my father (since my father moved in.)

We have to come up with at least 1800 USD to move into a apartment… to pay off the junk with my brother (laptop and computers we need to do our jobs online) and moving out.

My Father can’t walk because of medical reasons and I am the primary care giver because if he tries to get up his legs will flare up in pain for minutes. We need wheelchair accessibility for him and near transportation to move.

We have come to the conclusion that its time for us to move out. We have had enough but we can’t because we can’t afford it. If anyone can help please send me a e-mail to only I ethanpow have access to that e-mail and any assistance would be nice.

If any brony in phoenix or nearby area that can help us PLEASE CONTACT ME!

If anyone here is interested or like to give my journal a read at... My Network is seeking additional staff and groups to join it to help establish it.

I had the domain drakeal for some time ago... I lost it one time forgetting to pay it and I got it back again once someone dropped it. I recently got a good install of Joomla on the site and its running pretty good but I need to help my SEO so my traffic goes up to make it more self supported. I need the following...

I got a writer helping me but he got a job and he already does articles for alicornradio so I need other writers that have some free time to help me make some more reviews to help SEO.

Articles can be reviewing gaming, books, articles online...
Articles can have the "authors" adsense code within it
Articles can have links to their own sites
Articles must be over 650 words, the more the better as long the article is well written.
If you have your own youtube videos you wish to use on the site... its allowed... meaning any views you get on the site helps your youtube channel (and if its monetized, more income)

please contact me on deviantart or signup on and send me a message on the forums on that site.
Hey if you got a Twitter account and you want a follow please don't hesitate to follow me ethan_Pow ( on Twitter and send me a tweet "Hey ethan_Pow, Can you please #muturalfollow" and once I see your tweet I will follow you but bewarned, if you unfollow me I do check my follows every so often so I will unfollow anyone that unfollows me...  
If you have free time give my site a look over and give me some suggestions to improve it. Its going to house more stuff than the Community Forums, Reviews and announcements... soon I will have a master list for all game servers and such.
A alicorn walks into the bar

we talk about bullying and the effect it has... suicide and why it happens.…

:iconalicornradio: want to extend their music library with songs by many groups and people even outside the brony community! 

If you can please share as I want more people to submit music as I can add it in to the database!
How my watchers doin' ?… me and :iconxenstroke: are in it :D give it a listen and maybe share with others :D
Hey ya, I am EthanPow, I Run a G-rated radio stream and a unrated podcast Alicornradio. Alicornradio has been around for a year and always looking for feedback, listeners and more staff for projects we do. This Journal entry is pretty much a message to let bronies and pegasisters know and become aware of our station.

At this moment I having a way for artists to get their work on my site well on the header anyway. Allowing artists to submit G-rated headers can be comical and have any OC in it (within the G-rating) plus having my OC (Delta pow) in it... further details are in the blog entry here.
Looking for Custom HeadersHey every brony/pegasister artists, has generic and limited amount of headers... I'd like to have many randomized on page view.
so this is what I need...
the header must be G-rated and must include my alicorn OC delta pow which is the oc in the alicornradio logo

... anything else goes you can make it as much comical or awesome as you want too.
If you wish to accept this request then the image must be 1082 pixels wide. height of 280 pixels

As well If you have music you want to add to our radio stream, then you can submit it to our soundcloud group OR e-mail me at so if your a spiring musician or music artist PLEASE give me a ring... I can also help review your work and help you out.

:iconalicornradio: is a deviantart group where I can seek artwork for when I do podcasts, fanwork can be submitted and reviews can be requested.

Other Groups I manage:
If you got a tumblr please link it in the comments, IF ITS NSFW, please place NSFW before the link! I am ok with bronies linking other tumblrs as well, I want to know of them all! is mine
and I did some videos for Alicornradio and here they are:

1)… (are you ready for some fun?)
2)… (interviewing vendors at EFNW)

so check them out :D
Hey everybrony, I am EthanPow I run alicornradio and I am looking for DJs/show hosts... Alicornradio is seeking more DJs and showhosts of G-rated level to provide clean content to listeners. We have a awesome radio server in bandwidth but lack overall hard-drive space for 256kbps files, so we need to acquire awesome shows and DJs that want to take part in our stream.

Being part of Ponyvillelive Network we have access to use musicians , artists and more. If you are a DJ or showhost and need some help we can give it to ya. We want to work together to give awesome content, we give listeners ways to give us feedback E-mail, social network or etc. allows us to help you improve.

If you are DJ, if you mix yourself or just play music on request.... Got a great speaking voice or good comedian then we want to get you on air!

Now even if you don't fit into the G-rated category then other stations of the PonyvilleLIVE network would like to test your ability and see if your up for their standards. So even if you don't make it with us we can point you to another station til you get one that wants you or we will give you tips to improve and try again later.

If your interested give us a ring with a private message, reply here or goto any our social media pages and let us know of your interest!