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The New Girl

Argh :heart: More Soarin x Dash!

Starting out at the Academy, a certain pony catches Soarin's eye :D

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That's not Rainbow Dash. The real Rainbow Dash was still here in the academy, so that pegasus pony your talking to was Lightning Dust. Or wait.
Soarin is not pure white and Rainbow's coat looks too much like Lightning Dust. :eyepopping:

But it's not bad besides. :)
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He's light blue <_<
And the point of telling me something I already knew was what, exactly? :|
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Soarin: Hey, I recognize her!
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:iconsoarinplz: Oh, dang. Fine looking filly on my two o'clock. Man, that suit really shows off her legs. Whoa, colt. She's a rookie.... Wait, she's a rookie! Buck! Alright, hold on. you can be professional around her. Wait, isn't she that made from the young fliers competition? And the Gala? And the wedding?
.... this is going to be a long boot camp.
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Soarin will just have to play it cool XD Although I don't think being "smooth" is his strong point!
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:iconsoarinpie1plz: :iconsaysplz: Please. I can be smooth when I want to be.
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:iconspitfireplz: :iconsaysplz:
When you're not muzzle deep in pie.
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That's too sweet!
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You're welcome!
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:iconsoarin66:"Oh man there's the cute girl from the Gala,I can't let her see me untill I have something to say to her that doesn't rotate around that Pie".
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Having to not focus on pie for once... You can do it Soarin! :D
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Dash plot will always overpower pie.
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Gotta love dem ships. <3
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Oh yes... Yes indeed :D
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