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PRJT10: Cheese

I apologise. I should not be allowed to design characters after drinking a 500mL bottle of energy drink

EXP--#10F5L4Y3I2N8G10 (Project #10)
Name: Cheese
Gender: Unknown
Type: Flying
Stage: Pikachu

Nature: Quirky
Character: Loves to eat
Personality: Cheese always appears to be on a major sugar high. It (because no-one knows whether Cheese is male or female) loves to mess around, often speaking too fast for others to understand or doing insane stunts. However, if you feed Cheese then it usually calms down, and can be quite fun to have a conversation with. It especially likes cheese...hence the name Cheese.

NB: When addressing Cheese, you can use he or she instead of it. English doesn't have a proper pronoun for genderless creatures, I've noticed...

Likes: Cheese, flying, speaking gibberish, more cheese, birds
Dislikes: Not having any cheese, having to sleep, being alone, Tuesdays
Fears: Peanut butter

Eye Ability: Control over wind

Theme Song: Do It Again
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This one looks cool!
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